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  1. Hey, I helped design the Sioux City Iowa 174th Fighter Squadron livery for the F16 module and noticed its now one of the default liveries in the game, thank you!  I noticed a couple issues with the livery in game. The nose bort number on the right hand side has a distorted texture behind it, part of the nose art is showing from the other side of the aircraft. Also the left nose bort number covers part of an award ribbon, idk if you guys can just erase the rest of it that would work. Is there a way you can include a version without the Big Boss nose art? Only one of those aircraft had the nose art so when we fly in formation they don't all have the same version of the plane. I posted that version on user files already under the username boomer174. Thanks for your hard work and please feel free to contact me with any feedback or additional information! I've attached a link to the standard livery we made without nose art. Thanks again!





  2. Hello DGambo,

    The support redirects me to you about my question.


    First, Tank you for you job for the F16 Model !

    I'm the author of the program F4TS https://f4toserial.com/

    This tool is used by a large community of cockpits builders like me. A lot of them ask me to make this tool compatible with DCS World. I already made the tool compatible but now the missing part is about the Export.lua.

    I would like to give the community for free the best way to allow them to get all cockpit data and easily build their own pit. For this reason, I really need your help to add this feature and it can help me to correctly build the Export.lua file.

    My question is, I want to know where to get the list of arguments of DCS F16 module to update data export via LUA script.

    I read that I had to use the modelviewer2.
    Unfortunaltely, with this tool, we only get the arguments list.
    I have to test each argument one per one but there are more than 700 of thems.

    Otherwise, I can't filter them by type either (toggle switch, push button, lightbits, gauge ...) ...
    On the other hand,  modelviewer2 not say what is the format of each argument (binary, float, decimal ...) for example for the value of the RPM, FTIT etc ...

    Is there a data table information of DCS F16 module arguments and data types ?

    for instance :
    Name of arg | number | type | value min | value max
    RPM | number 95 | float | 0 | 0.156


    I'm thank you in advance for you help.

    Take care.

  3. это косяки скелетной анимаци. спасибо проверим
  4. there will no longer be such changes that greatly affect the skins. If numbers are added, then by default they will be turned off and to activate them, you will need to register a couple of lines in the file
  5. we have an animation of only three digits of the number. therefore, all numbers are three-digit. if there is a need for the fourth category, then it can be drawn in the skin.
  6. Hey. on the side numbers 1. There are three-digit numbers on the plane. some have an extra 4 bit, but it is not animated and is used as a decal. 2. Registration of board numbers is as before. the material with the tail number must register your main texture in channel 0, the roughness texture if it differs from the default in channel 2 and your texture number in the DECAL channel. 3. animation arguments are needed to hide unnecessary numbers or switch between types. we used to write an empty texture for numbers that are not needed on the skin, now this is not necessary, although this still
  7. thank. I will check. aircraft numbers are at the junction of two materials and not everything is simple with them Отправлено с моего MI 6 через Tapatalk
  8. file editing 1. three blocks change the name of the material F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_DECAL in the name F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER_DECAL F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_BORT_NUMBER_001 in the name F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_BORT_NUMBER_010 in name F16_bl50_MAT1_BORT_NUMBER_X100 2. add block F16_bl50_INTAKE_BORT_NUMBER from my file to your file 3. block F16_bl50_FIN_DECAL unchanged 4. change the material name F16_bl50_FIN_BORT_NUMBER_001 to F16_bl50_FIN_BORT_NUMBER 5. add a block with arguments
  9. 1. I do not quite understand what is needed 2. these parts are included in the common piece https://gyazo.com/b95f1cac6ee40cf3a1604f7cfe3b9881
  10. We appreciate our work, but work on the side numbers has been going on for a long time. You needed a variety of board rooms and we made such an option. The old technology with cut out dice in geometry did not support flexible work with numbers and a wide variety of numbers, especially if they would intersect by location. further changes in liveries and onboard are not planned, but even if so, then before the release we can improve our product. Now the number of lines in the file with liveries has decreased and I will have the same work as you do for editing files.
  11. Hello everyone. on f-16 we run in new side numbers which should increase the FPS compared to the old technology and reduce the amount of editing in the liveries file. there are pluses to the possibility of expanding the number of acquaintances and switching the types of numbers from the liveries file. on animation of board numbers 1. display the main board number. argument 1000 and the corresponding value. (0.0 - by default. 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 - other positions - see the picture) we can add a few more https://gyazo.com/ea4a9a7b02b5bb6e36419e7e7496db4f 2. display the number on the back a
  12. Все правильно . Единицы и ориентация модели во вьюпорте для всех одинакова Отправлено с моего MI 6 через Tapatalk
  13. add files to pylons and fuel tanks. Sorry that everything is not fast, there are a lot of tasks and we are not in time
  14. over time, we will improve the template and fix the errors. if there is a problem with masks then convert them to simple objects. we just did not have time to do this. This should eliminate errors. Textures were drawn in another program and exported to psd, so errors are possible. we’ll fix it over time
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