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  1. Would be helpful to indicate what day and time your squadron missions are held - particularly interested in carrier air wing. Discord path seems to fail.
  2. Wow! Just curious, as per your rule #13 how do you "punish" your members who log false flight time? Sounds either kinky or abusive.
  3. There are some excellent squadrons out there as well as others as you look carefully & ask lots of questions. Often times you don't really know how a squadron is until you join - just the way it is.
  4. Are your squadron wide primary coordinated mission events still mostly on Saturdays?
  5. Your discord invite doesn't seem to be working for me.
  6. What language is spoken - assuming it would be Italian?
  7. I'm sure your squadron is amazing, but "there is a qualification pipeline before you join on cruise and the "real" shooting starts" seems a bit more than "we on a PG cruise & have room for more." Just saying. . . .
  8. Is it true one of the first of training requirements is constructing & leading a flight in a mission including comms & AAR?
  9. Can't help but ask who wouldn't want to join an outfit promoted by a nice guy by the name of "Shifty?" ;)
  10. Who are they - VF111? Curious what were your considerations in joining?
  11. Excited about the prospects of joining, upon connecting to Discord however there was no warm welcome or didn't get the feeling anyone was interested in possible recruits. 119 leadership expressed no interest. Took a while to get more information though eventually one of the member pilots kindly answered questions. Training nights well established, but working towards a goal of one coordinated mission a month. Just one person's experience.
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