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  1. ahh, beat me to it. this is still the most playable helicopter sim. really great work. GVO, my understanding is that EECH2 was a commercially driven mod of EECH. Similar to the falcon 4 allied force release. Apparently it branches off from an earlier patch. General consensus is that is isn't as good as the community mod version 1.9, but for people who don't want to chase all the patches it may be easier. I haven't tried EECH2 so I can't confirm this!
  2. the graphics were more basic in terms of appearance, but more detailed in terms of working bits actually on the aircraft, if you know what I mean. It reminded me of a military sim were more emphasis was placed on the accuracy of the model, than textures (which I don't think it had any of...) It was great! I used to be on the flanker mailing list...but it was very hard dodging missiles you couldn't often see.
  3. The original story for Stalker was aliens had suddenly visited Earth and left behind random seeming artifacts. Eventually scientists worked out that these amazing treasures were just the trash left over by tourists after 'A Roadside Picnic'. I liked the inherent humility of that, but I guess the game designers didn't. Apparently they have kept a lot of the 'traps' and anomalies from the story though.
  4. I've had Stalker on my list for several years now! It's been delayed that many times. It's based on a classic Russian s/f short story (novella?) by the Strugatsky brothers called 'A roadside picnic', filmed by Andrie Tarkovksy as Stalker. The Chernobyl element has been added to the game by the developers for whatever reason. The story is superb and well worth reading, and is tranlated somewhere on the web. I agree with thesystem that the monsters in Far Cry ruined it, it was great up to that point. I also liked Op flashpoint of course, and fps game that makes me crawl on my belly too sc
  5. more on the F-22 problems! Please note I'm not trying to run down the F-22, it is one of my dream aircraft. Just the US spent a LOT of money on this, and it had software bugs. Bear this in mind next time you're having a go at ED (or any software house :): SOURCE:Flightglobal.com Pictures: Navigational software glitch forces Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptors back to Hawaii, abandoning first foreign deployment to Japan By Justin Wastnage Lockheed Martin is rushing a software fix to Hawaii after 12 US Air Force F-22A Raptors en route to Japan for the stealth fighter's first overseas deployme
  6. As much as I'd like black shark to be released today, I wouldn't want it to be in an incomplete state. Like for instance if I tried to deploy to Japan I wouldn't want to have to divert half way due to multiple navigation system errors :( http://dc01-cdh-afa03.tranguard.net/AFA/Reports/2007/Month02/Day12/1025raptor.htm when they made the decision not to sell these overseas, someone obviously thought they could save money not buying the full global set of terrain CD's!
  7. at the beginning of the thread there is a post saying things like heat blur and high AA levels (or even just certain drivers) can cause anomalous low fps. perhaps you should try turning that off?
  8. awaiting Black Shark I've been playing some EECH. That has a good dynamic environment for both campaigns and single missions. I'd like that in LO. As for the F4 vs LO argument, all sim fans should own both by now.
  9. yeah, that first one is a real 'wow' shot! Fantastic!
  10. I remember reading back in the 80's or something, back home in New Zealand, the NZ army beat their US Army guests in a number of exercises. The grunts weren't too worried though as they were stoned the whole time... WATCH OUT BUSH (no relation!) THE KIWIS ARE THE REAL THREAT!
  11. check out here: http://www.rcsimulations.co.uk/ it's an old style frames page, so you have to go and find the controls abd hardware page and scroll down to find the copycat long stick joystick and cyclic.
  12. oh, ffs, do you really think I believe it's a water skier? :)
  13. working from home, wife's got the radio on, Queen start singing 'I want it now'. First thing I think of is Black Shark. Sad, huh?
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