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  1. If you were still pushing the stick forward, you might have been at negative G for (I think) more than 10 seconds. That starves the engines of fuel, and you flame out. Regards, Bart
  2. Hello Badger, DCS World is just the basis for the other modules, and it doesn't contain in itself any flyables (except SU-25T). You must also download and install the specific A-10C module (http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/modules/?PAGEN_1=2). When you start a mission with the A-10C, you will be asked to enter your activation key and you should then be good to go. Note that the DCS World is currently at version 1.2.3, so you'll probably have to download and install that version first. Good luck, Bart
  3. Hi, I had the same problem. In case clearing your cookies didn't help, try using Firefox (I was using Internet Explorer originally). That allowed me to succesfully log on and purchase. Kind regards, Bart
  4. Hi, Yes, you can, see this link (old, but should still work) : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=62593&highlight=countermeasure+file Good luck, Bart
  5. Hello Geert, if you mean the "syncronize cockpit controls with HOTAS controls on mission start", as MTFDarkEagle said, it syncronises what your HOTAS (Warthog) is set to in the sim. So, on my throttle side, I have a flip switch "APU Start", if "synchonize ..." is ON, and I have my (fysical) switch set to "APU START", the sim will use this setting in-cockpit when I start a mission. If I leave the "synchronize ..." OFF, and that switch is still set to "APU START", it will show up in-cockpit as "OFF", since that is the default for that switch in the sim. Since most other HOTASes (does this sou
  6. I've bought stuff from Simware, but since I live nearby, I always went over to pickup. As far as I can tell, a serious business, aimed at the sim-crowd. If you're worried, you can e-mail them, they've always answered my queries pretty promptly. Kind regards, Bart
  7. True, this sounds like pure PR. Not much real info. As I read it, an RPG might have been foiled, and even that doesn't sound to sure (tank might have caught fire, as IDF says crew was not hurt). This does not mean tank was not incapacitated, although it might be a start a defense.
  8. Hi, haven't gotten to "real" navigation myself, but this might be what you're looking for. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=60370 Good luck, Bart
  9. Hi, try these (from Revelataion or JRainier78 on YouTube) : http://www.youtube.com/user/JRainier78#p/u/1/1cTkomZbS1Q http://www.youtube.com/user/JRainier78#p/u/4/47WX-qsCvKk http://www.youtube.com/user/JRainier78#p/u/2/6llcQOPleFM Kind regards, Bart
  10. Probably a combination of different things. I remember a job posting from ED for C++ developers, when they were between LOMAC and Flaming Cliffs IIRC, but now I think you need the .Net Framework (2.0 or 3.5) installed. I'd say they probably started with C++ and later moved to .Net, but some of the original components are probably still there. I'd hate to think of having to convert all the code for such a program to .Net. Regards, Bart
  11. Hi, Maybe this is what you're looking for : Good luck, Bart
  12. Do you have the June 2010 version of DirectX installed (it was included in Beta 4 Full Install, but you have to select it) ? Otherwise, could be a hardware problem. If you set Graphics to Medium or even Low, do you get an improvement in the number of missions that start ? If so, start at the lowest settings and then change settings one at a time until you have something acceptable. Also, make sure you run both DCS.exe and Launcher.exe as Administrator. Good Luck, Bart
  13. Hi, try this video on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/JRainier78#p/a/u/1/1cTkomZbS1Q "JRainier78" has some more tutorials for Mission making, just check his other videos. Kind regards, Bart
  14. Hello, yes, you get access to all the betas until the final Release version is out (and that one, too, obviously). Kind regards, Bart
  15. Quote from Matt's post : [ Beta 5 will not be released. ... rather Beta 5 turned out to be a separate build for Steam evaluation and testing. The next beta build to be released to Open Beta will be Beta 6. This beta will be tested by our testing staff this weekend, and if all looks good, it will be made available next week. ] We're waiting for Beta 6, now. Kind regards, Bart
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