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  1. Glad I noticed this thread. Joining the torrent now, so please keep seeding for a little while longer. :) I should be able to seed on/off for at least the next couple of weeks. DrCR
  2. I would have just gotten the $240 X1900XT 256MB. :P Easily beats the 7900GT, the 7950GT in many games, and also has superior antialiasing and anisotropic filtering algorithms. 256MB isn't really an handicap except perhaps gaming at hyper-resolutions. Nice CPU you've got there though. I hear the 6600s have some nice OCing potential. :D I'm not too jealous though. Upgraded a few months ago to a 3500+ VeniceE4, 7600GT from a '00 900MHz T-Bird GF4 Ti4400 rig. I'm just glad to finally be playing Lomac on a decent rig at all lol. Enjoy your new rig! Vista might even be able to run such spec, but only perhaps... :rolleyes:. Just kidding of course. Will be interesting to see how much the next gen games push on the Core2 (and probably where you will appreciate having a more powerful vid card). DrCR ____________
  3. Hey guys. Would post this on the Ubi forum as it's 1.02 related, but they seem to be down right now. After a _very_ long wait from buying Lomac on release, I finally have a new rig. Nothing too spectacular, but something Lomac is playable on. Right now I'm hooked on the A10, partly because I don't feel like taking the time to learn any of the other plane's electronics, but also because the A10 is just such a blast.Been enjoying the stock A10 missions, but now I'm ready to get into a campaign or of course any killer community-built missions. So any must-have v1.02 compatible recommendations? I've done some forum and google searching around, but wanted to get some input from you guys. Yeah, don't worry, FC is on my to-buy list. But I'm jobless right now so my aged, but still certainly enjoyable Nic-manual + 1.02 setup will have to do for now. Thanks, DrCR ___________ A8N5X, 3500+ Venice E4, 2x512MB CorsairXMS Dual WinXP installs via Grub hiding, VectorLinux 5.1.1SOHO, Ubuntu 6.06LTS
  4. Was hoping to find a thread like this. Looks like the X-52 is the best budget-HOTAS choice. It has got to be the ugliest joystick I've ever seen though lol. :D Any good cheaper choices with the throttle right on the joystick e.g. MSSidewinder? I'm on a tight budget. Just got a new rig and now looking for a new joystick as my MSSidewinderPrecision2 is crippled without its profile software (XP incompatibilty). Can't just load Win98SE on the rig either since the motherboard is a NF4. Been playing with my Precision2 since Warbirds 2.x. It will live on with a cheap A7V133 Barton XP-M rig though, built just for legacy gaming (Win98SE, GeForce4, V5 5500PCI). Still happy about the forced switch to WinXP - now I can play Lomac in all it's glory. :D Too bad Microsoft's software isn't (ironicly) WinXP compatible. DrCR __________ Dual, Totally Independent WinXP Installs on the Same Hard Drive via Grub (One Starforce free, the other for Lomac)
  5. Wait, if you can, for a few months. A lot of tech is coming out right now or soon. That said, you may then be able to pick up a 939 on the cheap because of this. If you have to buy now, I would get a 3500+ A64 939 and OC it. If you're scaried of OCing though, then yes, you can't get a better single-core than the FX60. I'd also recommend a Seasonic S12 for your PSU. The 430W should do you just fine, but you can go for the 500W or 600W if you really want to. Case wise, if you're still choosing, I would recommend the Antec P180, the SPCR version if you like black colored cases. I like some others, but this case is a good turnkey solution for good airflow and low noise for the not so PC-case-geek oriented. Skip WindowsXP-64. Just get a copy of OEM WinXP 32bit and wait for Longhorn for a 64bit WindowsOS. Longhorn/Vista is looking worse and worse, but it would be better than going for the stop-gap XP-64. I'm personally hoping for an offical or at least quasi-offical OSX86 myself though, with Win2000 or XP-32bit for gaming. :) Let me know if you have any other questions. :) DrCR ___________ ProCooling.com SilentPCReview.com
  6. Wow. Just had to come over here to post this. Not confirmed yet, but very encouraging news. Found at TechReport. http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=23594 DrCR ____________
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