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  1. Nightstalker-- is there a video or did they send you some instructions on how to change the cable within the base?
  2. I have to agree with imacken on this. I've been waiting 3 weeks since they diagnosed the issue and have said "we'll send you the invoice." Before that they would ask a simple question, and when I'd respond immediately they'd wait about 3-4 days before asking me another simple question just to show that they responded, but not solving anything or furthering the support process at all. I actually got an email from the shipping carrier many weeks ago. Virpil had created a shipping label, and carrier is now waiting for them to deliver an item. It's mind boggling.
  3. Hi all, I'm curious as to the response time of Virpil support requests as of late? It seemed like they were excellent 2019 (one of the reasons I bought the T50-CM2 base), but really fell off in the beginning on 2020 (pre-covid) with multiple owners claiming enormous response times for tickets. While flying last week, my CM2 broke so that buttons only register if I'm pushing the stick forward. My heart sank thinking that I'd be without it for months, but when I opened a ticket I got a response in a day for a few follow up items. I was impressed and replied quickly, but since then, I ha
  4. Anyone have an update if Virpil manufactured new CAMS to fix this problem?
  5. Admiki-- Can you post the link with Cypher's response? I was the OP and would be happy to assist with more info.
  6. Awesome--thanks for the persistence. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  7. I'd be curious what the results of the spring scale are. I've moved on and installed the linear/no center cams in the x axis and the previous "bump" at 80% travel is now extremely muted. With the linear cams the force required to move the stick is a little interesting because it isn't truly linear and has the asymmetry as well. If you deflect the stick a little left (30-40% of travel), there's little resistance but the remaining travel requires slightly more force. The movement to the right is the exact opposite. the first 30-40% of travel requires more force than the remaining 60
  8. I too have had a an issue with their product and got underwhelming support. I'm getting strange CAM bahviour on a T-50CM2. It took them 4 weeks (!!) to respond to an email. I replied immediately, and now it's been 3 weeks since that without any response. It's a shame because I like the stick and was going to buy their rudder pedals. I'll look elsewhere now.
  9. Thanks for the responses all. I noticed the asymmetry of the cam length as well and could see exactly when the far left "bump" occurred where you needed exponential force to get the stick to full deflection. Since the cam was shorter on the other side full right deflection was easy-peasy. I thought I was being persnickety after having spent that much on something with great reviews, but at least I know it's not that my unit is defective but rather an engineering defect which gives me peace of mind by having an answer. I still wonder if you could file down the cam to eliminate that asymme
  10. Thanks all for the responses. HC_Official--I took the extension off and made sure the grip wasn't off center. Goblin--I tried loosening the spring a bit. It made the effect slightly less noticeable, but is still there. Any thoughts why the tightened spring would have this asymmetrical behavior? I figured it would be compressed equally at both ends of travel. Is this something that could be fixed with filing away one side of the CAM since it's longer and is more curved? I understand the progressive resistance created by the curvature, but the CAM range of travel is longer o
  11. I installed the non-center, non-linear cams with the heavy springs in my new T50CM2 base. I also have the "tension" screws all the way down to give the heaviest spring tension. I noticed something strange--that the both axes have non-symmetrical force to get to the extremes (i.e. it's easier to move the stick fully to the right than fully to the left, and easier moving it fully forward than fully backwards). I noticed that the cams themselves weren't symmetrical. Is this supposed to happen or is there something wrong with the base/cams/springs? It feels quite strange that the resistance i
  12. I have about 3-5 degrees of "twist" as well. Was wondering if that was normal or if I need to RMA it. Since it happens when I push S1, I'm afraid eventually it will get loose and have more rotation. I'm also having trouble fully getting max Y-axis values without any X-axis input. It feels like I'm pulling straight back on the stick, but I'm really pulling back and right. Same thing when pushing it forward. Anyone else having this difficulty as well?
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