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  1. I just got the VKB F-14 stick and it has the emergency disconnect paddle replicated. I have been flying Heatblur's F-14 since it came out and have never used the the emergency disconnect before. The manual doesn't really say when it should be used just that it turns off all autopilot and SAS. When/Why would I want to do that? I'm thinking of using it for brakes instead.
  2. I want to repost this post by a 3d party dev: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3850200&postcount=17 I know some people have dismissed this but it seems probable to me. It is hard for me to believe that the Russian airforce has not done any upgrades to the r-27 family of missiles in 40 years - a missile that is still widely used on their front line fighters.
  3. Woo! T-shirts just arrived for me today. Toronto, Canada
  4. This video really sets me in the mood for some mi-24 action. Watch till the end. I hope ED nails the sound on this one.
  5. I'm really annoyed that some people feel that they are entitled to get these new features for free. Think about it for a sec. You bought a 2008 Honda Civic. It did not come with a built in navigation system, just a CD player and radio. Now Honda is releasing a 2019 Civic with a built in infotainment system with bluetooth, navigation and a bunch of other features. Are you going back to the dealership and demanding to get those new features for free in your 2008 model? When you bought the Ka-50 back all those years, no one promised you a MLWS and no one promised you Iglas. Now you ha
  6. Very interesting info on the R-27er over in the Heatblur f-14 section by Polychop developer borchi_2b: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3850200&postcount=17
  7. I have no idea why they decided to conjure up the FC4 name to begin with. If they wanted to do this, why not just say: "hey guys, in order to attract new players to DCS world we are going to release "Lite" versions of existing DCS planes with simplified systems". Done. That's it. No one would have had their hopes up. No disappointments.
  8. This is so, so disappointing. :( The FC4 had the potential to add aircraft that would not be possible to add as full fidelity aircraft, preferably for me Russian machines. Instead ED had decided to take existing full fidelity aircraft and turn them into FC level aircraft. I guess from from a pure ROI it makes sense but where is the passion for aviation? Where is the effort? Ok, so you would be reusing the flight model, reusing the external 3d model, reusing the internal cockpit 3d model, reusing existing code for sensors and avionics. What exactly would ED add to DCS world with this mov
  9. I wish we could get an official statement on the issue of Russian/Soviet aircraft. At least so we know and can manage our expectations. If they came out and said "listen guys we can not publish any RU birds because of this this and this" it would bring closure to the subject and we can forget about it. So far they have been very vague about the subject. I remember When Wags did a video interview when they were promoting the Normandy map the question came up and he did not want to get into it. I'm not even sure the whole "no in service RU birds can be simulated"is a rumour or not.
  10. In game, the 2 outermost wingtip pylons used for the r-73/ecm pods share the outermost lamps. This is not realistic? So the mechanical connection for the inner most pylons are there but there is no way for the fire control system to fire munitions?
  11. I read somewhere that the inner wing pylons are not used by the in service Su-33 aircraft on the Kuznetsov. As well, any photos/videos I see of the Su-33 operations in Syria show the aircrasft with no inner wing pylons. Anyone know why? It would be nice to be able to remove those pylons for authenticity sake.
  12. Who determines what load out to carry during a mission? I'm guessing mission planners but does the pilot have any say?
  13. Reading through the Russian forums, I was able to find a post by Chizh that confirms that this behavior is correct. It is NOT a bug. See post: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2427286&postcount=148 Translated: "The game is all well, has stabilized, but too strong, that is, in the game the reticle is held firmly on the ground, while in real life - floats and requires adjustment. When adjusting the aiming mark in the game stabilization turned off as a result of the brand shifted under the influence two factors, the angular displacement of the aircraft and the angular movemen
  14. I was lurking around the Russian forum and came up on these videos that I thought were quite interesting. I thought I would share them here. And then there is this one. Is this normal? If so can we get that interior smoke modeled with DCS 2.0? :D
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