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  1. I've just found a nice pic of the phenomenon in this Wikipedia page, with this caption: It clearly shows this strange trajectory, quite vertical. And short: a bullet wouldn't fall so early.
  2. IRL, what looks like tracer bullets bouncing is, in fact, pyrotechnic flare material torn out from the projectile base on impact. This happens even when the projectile in itself penetrates the target. The same phenomenon is clearly visible on many videos showing modern small / medium caliber weapons firing at ground or water (Minigun, Phalanx CIWS, Browning M2, etc.). The trajectory of those pyrotechnic materials shows that what you see bouncing is quite lighter than a bullet.
  3. Extract from the EULA: The EULA does not specify that $$$ are required to re-activate. That's why I clicked "I accept". "re-activate" and "pay again" are 2 different things. So what we want to know is: For ED, is the EULA "just for fun"? Well, let's just wait two more weeks for a free and SFless answer :D
  4. 1° You WILL have a big problem (read the EULA) 2° ED will answer this next week (perhaps tomorrow), as they answered when I asked the same question as yours.
  5. I'm Dunmer (that's written) and I wrote: "In another forum, I read this from a site admin:" I'd like to have an official answer adressed to me because I believe what I do see by my own. Any problem about that my dear friend?
  6. In another forum, I read this from a site admin: I sent an email to team@lockon.ru - the offical address. Hello, I would like to know what the process is to reactivate the online purchase version of the game after you have used up all of your automatic activations? the official reply Dear XXXX, First of all you need to contact us. Next step - you buy a new serial number for the game. Regards, LockOn Developers Team Well guys, just a question: is that true or false? If it's false, then just answer and lock the topic before it's hijacked ;)
  7. Don't know if you're right or wrong: that was my first flight with the F-15 in 1.1. I'll test some different situation and then see. I'm a "nothing-whinner", so quite objective ;) Here's the link to the track again for those interrested: Click here to DL EDIT: "you won't be able to get in an F-15 and expect to go 5-6 for 6 AIM-120s anymore." Well, if that's right, I'm not sure it's a bug :)
  8. He's had it The Su-27 was an AI "excellent". Well, using the same tactics as in 1.02, I obtain the same result. Crank, ECM, fire from about 13 Nm, break, chaffs and splash one. One R-27ER lost in the sky. Here's the track. Have a look. Click here to DL
  9. Well, I do play with 100%. Beam, chaffs and flares stay effective if you use them well, and AA missiles (yours and ennemy ones as well) hunt pretty well. With 100%, it's still possible beaming an R-27ER (I've just done it 20 minutes ago with a MiG-29). Well, I'm going to have a look on your F-15 problem! :)
  10. In the "options" menu, how did you set "missiles effectiveness"?
  11. Oooops! The "5" just came back :)
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