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  1. Set the mod to ground. Permission overide. Change weapon ...... bombs away
  2. Cockpits for the flyables are amended for each airframe...... This is Beta. Clickable elements are included for future devlopment.
  3. BETA Version...... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RpgZS3mhH8d5HDnOFr0g1vJLy31NmT9U/view?usp=sharing Unzip, then copy and paste the entire folder into "C:\Users\XXXXXX\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft" You should then have the structure "C:\Users\XXXXXX\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\WW 1 DCS Flying Circus" TO REMOVE IT.....just delete the Folder again....simple! DCS WW1 Flying Circus, A selection of 6 Player flyable WW 1 aircraft (4 fighters, 2 bombers) and numerous AI targets, including: 15 AI aircraft, an AI Zeppelin, 6 AI ships, 4 AI tanks,
  4. I cant get any of these to work either (anymore)... Typically ED has changed the use of FC3.dlls that now apparently prevent this type of MOD working anymore...... Bottom line ED sux Originally Posted by stefasaki
  5. Umm... yah... first thing I tried this morning.....(i deleted the entire alpha folder!)...sorry:(
  6. Hurrah!!!!.... I shall wait until the new fix? :thumbup: FYI..... just remembered that I was happily downloading last night (~4Gb) without any crashes.... but I turned my PC off to go to bed, and forgot to turn off the updater, (so the PC turned off with the updater still going)..... it wasn't until I re-started the updater that the crashes started happening.....???
  7. DOES NOT WORK!!!! "DCS updater has stopped working" (x50!!!!!!!) Tried everything...... disabled anti virus, re-installed DCS world, cut and paste _downloads..... used the repair function..... this is rubbish.... seriously these issues should be ironed out before releasing alpha.... (I could try using utorrent to download..... at least that works properly!!) Come on ED .... please fix it Edit Can confirm .34 does NOT fix the bug...... at most I can download 50mb before it crashes!!!!
  8. ...hmmm ...nope... good idea, but tried that already, (and reboot) still the same... I have been fiddling for a few days with this..... got me stumped..... PS .. running XP SP3, with Geforce 8500 GT (Nvidia)
  9. Hi... I have only started playing FC2 recently. Having a great time. BUT am having a problem with my start up screens in the GUI that are are unreadable, well.... more precisley the graphics are unreadable... the text is mostly OK.... but the shortcut icons are so blurred and blocky that I cant work out what they are. This is the case on the mission editor, options page, encylopedia......etc etc.... infact on all the pages, all images are blurred beyond recognition.. HOWever once i start a mission (some guess work to find the right button) the simulation engine kicks in and everything is j
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