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  1. I think the same way. Thank you ED :beer:
  2. Vote for an "unrealistic FOV Button". :smilewink:
  3. Post it in the Bugs section.
  4. This is called Beta Testers, and they have beta testers. The question is why are there so many bugs which get through the testing. But this is a question they have to discuss internally and not in the open community.
  5. Guys, this must be a mistake. Beta testers would see this in the first minute. Obviously something went wrong with the build.
  6. What date do you have on the map? GPS is only functional in the more modern timeframe. I can't remember what the date was. Something like 1992 or 1993???
  7. In Multiplayer the DL is not working from Fighter to Fighter most of the time.
  8. Also: 1 Laser auf Arm (Im Tpod erscheint "L ARM") 2 Masterarm 3 Bombe auf Lasercode einstellen 4 TPod auf Lasercode einstellen 5 Im TPod "TRIG" muss geboxt sein. 6 Ziel anvisieren und einmal markieren mit TDC depress. 7 Bombe abwerfen 8 Laser an schalten (Im Tpod erscheint "LTD/R") Dann warten bis die Bombe ihr ziel erreicht
  9. Ty, will try that tomorrow
  10. Hi, my D/L doesn't work most of the time. D/L is turned on and my buddy did turn it on as well. But on the SA Page I don't see him. Is the D/L Fighter to Fighter broken at the moment? (I'm playing MP only)
  11. I have to ask this. Is the 3D artist who made the external model the same who made the instruments. Because the models are on a different level.
  12. I'm wondering if they really will implement all the different modes (A/G radar with MAP, EXP1, EXP2, EXP3, SEA, GMT, PVU, AGR, IRA, and TA) source: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3285514&postcount=13
  13. It looks like, that this is true.
  14. Hi, what will be the next step in the F18 development. The "old" list is pretty much done. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3731139&postcount=103 more features? or more fine polishing of the existing features?
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