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  1. I'm logged in but can't access this thread. Why? (p.s. I have bought the beta access to DCS A-10C)
  2. Opened my mailbox this morning and poof, dere it were. Don't bother /me - /me is busy tonight. ;)
  3. Not all of them are there, which is why I posted here. Do you know of any sites that mirrored his site before it went down?
  4. Anyone know where I can get all of TekaTeka's files now that his website is down? In particular, I am looking for his Bomb Holes Visibility mod. edit: Never mind - found what I needed here: http://www.3rd-wing.net/index.php?showtopic=6641
  5. Murphy strikes again! I just placed my eBay order on the weekend. Now that the patch is here, I might go down to my local London Drugs and buy one if they have it. If so, I'll end up with two copies, which might be useful for LAN gaming in the future.
  6. I have given up on buying the BS DVD through a local retailer here in Edmonton and will buy from an eBay dealer in Montreal (Computech). At least I'm buying Canadian and in my preferred format but because my local retailers have lost a sale, I think it just adds fuel to the fire that is causing them to carry fewer PC titles these days (especially simulations, which at one time were a major segment of PC game sales). I am not at all happy about this though and am posting here to register my discontent.
  7. The silence in this thread is deafening, so here's an up date: Still NO DCS Blackshark at London Drugs in Edmonton, as of last Friday, July 17. Wags, any more info on this?
  8. London Drugs have already agreed to take Black Shark - but Take 2 Distribution has apparently neglected to ship any stock to them (still back-ordered at the LD warehouse). Have you asked Take 2 about this?
  9. Well, still nothing to be found in the "land of hosers, eh". Futureshop in Edmonton today said they had no sign of it on their computers. London Drugs here reported today that there are 60 copies shown as "back-ordered at their warehouse", which makes me wonder just what Take 2 was telling TFC/ED on April 16 when they said it had been "shipped on London Drugs". If it's shipped, why isn't it at least at their warehouse yet? Also, Wags' post of April 20 that Amazon.com, Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, GameStop, J & R Electronics, Game Shack and London Drugs carry it is cold comfort. These are all Amercian outlets, except Best Buy and London Drugs, and Best Buy here in Canada are still not showing it as available. I can only assume that only Best Buy in the US is carrying it. Also, EB Games Canada is a subsidiary of the US-based GameStop, but they have recently downgraded their PC title support, citing it as being only a very small percentage of their business and that they would only be carrying hot-selling titles (which presumably means no study sims like DCS: BS). Canada, by population, is only 1/10 the size of the US market, but we have not been as seriously affected by the global economic slowdown as the US. It is beyond me why publishers and retailers have apparently lost so much interest in the Canadian PC software market. IMHO, TFC/ED is missing a golden opportunity here. I will continue to wait for a retail box but my interest is beginning to wane. I am not at all encouraged about the prospects of being able to buy DCS expansions at retail if it is this difficult to get the premiere release in the series to us. And don't bother going on about the ability to buy it digitally - when I went to direct2drive I noticed a disclaimer saying that they would not guarantee that their version would be compatible with future add-ons. I still take great comfort in the ability to wrap my greasy digits around a commercial disc containing the bits I have purchased.
  10. From londondrugs.com : "There are 69 London Drugs retail stores situated across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba." Sorry parts east (and north) - no London Drugs near you. They have sold computers, parts, software, printing supplies, networking equipment and a raft of other computer-related things in their in-store computer shops for years. I have bought stuff from them several times, including some good game and simulation software. I have been calling some of the LDs around Edmonton but nothing so far. Please report any retail Canadian sightings in this thread! /me can't wait!!!
  11. FINALLY! A glimmer of hope for Canada. Thanks for the update JimMack and, please, try to keep us updated on the status of Canadian distribution. ;)
  12. Read the comments above before posting - the people in this thread want a disc, not a digital download.
  13. FYI - the Amazon.ca version (ASIN:B001TK3FIO) is French only. So, there are exactly zero options to buy DSC:BS in Canada, IMHO (and don't bother suggesting the digital download, I want a disc!). All I have found so far are US sellers (Amazon.com and EBGames.com) but after shipping, exchange and duty I would end up paying close to C$100 for it, and none of the extra cost would make its way to the developers. Thanks for nothing, DCS. Hint for DCS: Canada IS part of North America. If you bill a release as "North American" it ought to include Canada.
  14. You're right. I phoned Amazon.ca today and they confirmed it is the French version, so I cancelled my order. Back to trying to find Black Shark (English) for sale in Canada. :(
  15. You're right. I phoned Amazon.ca today and they confirmed it is the French version, so I cancelled my order. Back to trying to find Black Shark (English) for sale in Canada. :(
  16. W0W! thanks =HH=MADMAX! Made my day.
  17. =HH=MADMAX and Rocky49: BRILLIANT! Now why couldn't I find that??? Whateva...ordering now from Amazon.ca. Many thanks.
  18. Ya, for like US$65.00 with shipping - plus the 5% GST duty the DHL guy collects at the door. It ends up to be pretty near C$100. :P They said it would be a "North American" release. Apparently they forgot that Canada is part of North America. Thanks for nothing, DCS (and no, don't bother suggesting the I get the digital download - I want a disc!).
  19. Rocky - where on Amazon.ca did you see this? I looked every where and couldn't find it. Please post a link. p.s. I tried ordering from gogamer but the drop down list of states/provinces doesn't show any provinces and I can't type mine in, so gogamer doesn't appear to be an option. Of those US sites that would ship to Canada (amazon.com, ebgames.com, etc.) after shipping charges I would end up paying $63.00 US, so, after the exchange rate, the amazon.ca offer may end up being a better deal, without cross border hassles. Anyone know of ANY Canadian sources to order the DVD from? p.p.s. Thanks for nothing DCS. You have apparently done a North American release that omitted Canada. Why then did you call it a North American release? p.p.p.s. NO, I DON'T WANT THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION SO DON'T BOTHER SUGGESTING IT!
  20. EricJ: Do you mean hex edit the other existing models to "attach" the effects textures, shaders, whatever, that are attached to the F-18 and Walmis F-15 to make them "glassy" and highly reflective? If so, what is it about the F-18 and Walmis F-15 models that make them different (i.e. what do we have to do to the other models to create the same effects)?
  21. Yeniceri: Do you mean the "lom utils canopy glass material" for the F-18 and Walmis F-15? Where exactly do I find this and how do you know it's pure white? I can't seem to find any textures named anything like this.
  22. New revision (rev.1) released to fix a few minor problems (see first post above for details and link).
  23. As in, we can edit the textures on the other existing models to duplicate the exterior canopy effects on the F-18 and Walmis F-15? DO TELL (us how)! ;) p.s. I guess I should have started this in the Mods forum...any "Mods" here that want to move this thread?
  24. I'm probably (very) late to the party on this but searching the forum has not turned up the answer I am looking for... Is it possible to make the exterior of the canopies on all flyable planes have the same excellent colour (blue green) and reflections (appears very shiny - sun glints off of it) as the F-18 AI model and Walmis' F-15 mod? No matter what I set and how I tweak with any mods I have been able to find, nothing seems to do this.
  25. Sleek: Some - you can see several different layouts here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout And a brief comparison of the UK vs. US layout here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_and_American_keyboards The enter/return key is different, there are 2 functioning Alt keys on the US (vs. 1 Alt and 1 AltGr key on the UK), the UK \ key is in a different spot, etc. There was enough of a difference for me to want to make a new one and, judging by the download count on LockOnFiles (76 in the first 24 hours), others agree. I am not the first to make a US version though: -Tbird- did one for 1.1FC (which actually has more information on it than Tomas'/mine), although he used an edited raster image to create his so it is not as clear and readable. To create mine, I used Tomas' PDF (which is based on an previous, uncredited PDF layout on a Swedish keyboard) and edited it using Adobe Illustrator, which preserved the visual quality. BTW, I can easily edit it, if anyone sees any errors or has suggestions for improving. Blue side up!
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