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  1. Does anyone have a profile for Flaming Cliffs involving TrackIR 4 or the TrackIR 3 with vector expansion? I'm still a newbie and I can't seem to get the curves just right, I'd like to see what others prefer. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Will 1.11 break anything besides the training missions? I wanted to know if I finish the tutorial I want and play the campaign in 1.11 if it will break the original campaign that came with the game. Can I download 1.01 missions and use them with 1.1?
  3. Don 't worry about starforce. If you have problems, chill, come here and post on the forum and we'll try to help you out. Prepare to have fun! I'm going to go play some now myself as flying really sounds fun at the moment.
  4. Uninstaller problem I tried to run the uninstaller and it said the uninstall log was corrupted, what now!
  5. Where is this app that switches back to 1.1? I read the 1.11 readme and it says nothing about it.
  6. I know stupid people, but out of everyone I've ever met I've never met anyone that stupid. The video is probably as big a joke as it is just funny. I bet they polled people either until people would pretend they didn't know or just polled as many people as they had to until they ran across stupid ones and only showed them.
  7. Enjoy your system. I'm more interested in girls. Unfortunately I have neither the system I would get if I had a 2nd choice NOR the girl I would choose 1st! Doh!
  8. I've been reading through the FC manual and wow this game is deep. It's amazing all things that go into making up these aircraft. ED seems to have done a great job, and I like the manual.
  9. Can't wait to go fly around in lock on. Funny thing is I never understood how to actually fire the guns. I just love this sim so I can fly around and see the scenery, beats FS2004 for me. Crazy huh? Anyways I'm 18, going to college soon, and I live in Kansas. I just wanted to say hi! My name is Brian.
  10. Whiners, get a life. Sharky, go step in front of a car. If you don't like waiting then stop wasting bandwith and go play somewhere else. No one with half a brain cares what you think. You probably won't even buy the product. You want some reason to whine and when the product is available again you'll go "I'm so smartz I wil nt buy teh product b/c I wes not treatd wll by ED! OMGzorz"! Some complains are legit, but complain once then stfu.
  11. Maybe because they are dealing with it behind the scenes, maybe because English isn't their first language, maybe because they are human. Everything takes time.
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