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  1. Ironhand is the MAN! I have gone through all his tutorials. They help me a great deal to become a proficient sim-pilot.
  2. Probably not worth it if you are planning to build a new computer next year. AM2 and Intel platforms both use DDR2, so the PC3200 memory will not be transferrable to the new machine you plan to build.
  3. Ironhand, Thank you sir. You are a great asset in our community. Nowi
  4. I am using TrackIR. When I move my head around, tearing is very noticeable.
  5. When you enable v-synch, you have to enable triple buffering as well. Otherwise, your framerate will be capped at a certain percentage (I forgot the number) of the monitor refresh rate.
  6. Thank you Ironhand. I benefit a lot from your tutorials. Now I can watch the videos anytime when I feel rusty.
  7. I am a flight-sim junkie. I like both prop sim and jet sim: Flight Simulator (on Apple II) Falcon Their Finest Hour Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe Jetfighter 3 Aces of the Pacific Aces over Europe Falcon 3.0 EF2000 U.S. Navy Fighters Su-27 Flanker USAF European Air War Falcon 4 Flanker 2/2.5 IL-2 Sturmovik IL-2 Forgotten Battles/Pacific Fighters Lock On Modern Air Combat/Flaming Cliffs
  8. I second emanence's suggestion. I bought tons of stuff from newegg before. They are very reliable. I have had occasional DOA items from them, and their return/refund process is very smooth.
  9. IguanaKing, Just a note of caution. The Zalman VF-700AlCu is not capable of handling the XTX1900. Get the VF-900 instead. Nice system overall. Let us know how Lock On runs at the highest possible setting. :beer: Nowi
  10. Me too. The AMD price slash is just too good to pass. Nowi
  11. Tigrou's movies are great! I enjoyed them all! :thumbup:
  12. Looks good. I would suggest you get a better power supply, such as an Enermax or a Seasonic. Hope this helps.
  13. Zorlac, Thank you for your effort. S! Nowi
  14. It is a 1/32 scaled model that you can hold in your hands. Richy is an awesome talent!
  15. One question about the Mirage 2000-5 cockpit. Where is the RWR? Can it be brought up in the MFDs?
  16. Try here https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894&task=knowledge&folderID=293 Click Catalyst 6.4 Windows XP - Driver download. Before you update, make sure you uninstall the previous version. :beer:
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