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  1. The lighter the plane, the more responsive it is. In my carrier landings, I like to dump fuel before the final approach until I am left with < 2500 kg.
  2. Copy that. Those B3s really generate a lot of heat. I use custom water cooling, and the temperature is manageable up to about 3.3 GHz. Any higher, and the voltage needed and the heat is too much for comfort.
  3. Unfortunately, mine is a B3. I am setting the core voltage at 1.385V in BIOS.
  4. I had the same problem. I think Windows detect the FSB incorrectly when the multiplier is set to something other than 9. My 400 x 8 was incorrectly detected as 450 x 8. You might want to try CPU-Z version 1.41 to detect the speed correctly.
  5. Couldn't agree more. Although I am not a fan of choppers, I will get a copy of Black Shark just to support Eagle Dynamics. * Anxiously waiting for AFM for the fixed wings *
  6. Agreed with Fudd on Core Temp. In the settings manual, uncheck enable logging and check Show Delta to Tjunction temp. The delta T is the reading Intel hardwired to the chip to control automatic throttling. When delta T goes to 0, the chip will automatically throttle down to protect itself. A safe margin for delta T would be 30+ oC when testing with Prime95.
  7. If you can wait another month, 2 monster mid-range cards (~$US 250) are coming out. The AMD version is probably going to be called X2950Pro, and the NVidia version is likely to be designated 8800GT. Results from preliminary tests showed that these cards perform better than a 8800GTS. I for one am looking forward to upgrading next month. Competition between AMD and NVidia is good for the consumers!
  8. CH Products Fighterstick and Throttle + TrackIR
  9. That PSU is a great choice. For other PSU options, check out Jonny Guru's website. He is pretty well known regarding PSU reviews. http://www.jonnyguru.com/reviews.php Regarding cases, that is a very personal choice. I like Lian Li cases, in particular the PC-G70 and the PC-A70. Both are great for my water cooling needs. I am in the process of putting together a new rig in a PC-A70b case. This design is great, it is very modular. The top panel, front panel, side panels, motherboard tray, PSU tray, and hard drive cages are all removable. Easy to put on a workbench and do modding and cutting :)
  10. How about here: http://www.gogamer.com/Manual-for-Lock-On-and-Flaming-Cliffs-expansion-Front-Page_stcVVproductId4760356VVcatId444710VVviewprod.htm
  11. I can't access either. BTW, I am using Firefox.
  12. E6850 is a dual core processor, and QX6850 is a quad core processor. Also, QX6850 is an extreme series processor, meaning you can adjust the CPU multiplier up or down. Whereas, you can only adjust the CPU multiplier down with the E6850 processor. The product of the CPU multiplier and the FSB gives you the operating frequency for the CPU. For example, the QX6850 has a CPU multiplier of 9 and a FSB of 333 MHz. 9 x 333 MHz = 3 GHz, which is the default frequency of the CPU. Without changing the FSB, you theoretically overclock by changing the multiplier. A multiplier of 10 gives you an 11% overclock to 3.33 GHz. How far you can overclock a processor depends a lot on: Experience Quality of the motherboard, memory, and power supply Cooling solution Luck I have seen people in xtremesystems forum who overclock the Q6600 and E6850 to beyond 4 Ghz, but these are very experienced overclockers who either have a liquid cooling setup or a phase change cooling setup.
  13. We have all been there. Just be conservative in your first overclock (Don't go haywire on the voltage and the MHz). If there is anything that you are not sure of, post a question here. Good luck!
  14. Nice videos. Thanks for sharing! :thumbup:
  15. Why not? The recent Q6600s, especially the G0 stepping, are great overclockers. They can hit 3 GHz without much of an effort (default voltage, 333 x 9). If the opening poster is going to use this new setup for another 6 years, a quad core purchase is a much better purchase than the dual core in the long run. Just my 2 cent.
  16. Forget about the dual cores, get the quad core Q6600 at ~US$290!
  17. Please do translate into English. Thanks.
  18. Just had a chance to try out the new virtual panel with Touchbuddy using Zorlac's modified export file. Everything work flawlessly. This is beyond awesome! Great work Mnemonic! Just submitted a reputation point for you. S! :punk: :punk:
  19. Rage, Truly words of wisdom :thumbup: I am in exactly the same position. I will see how the Barcelona/Agena/Kuma pan out for AMD and then decide whether to go Intel or AMD.
  20. CH Products. They are durable. My old gameport set served me well over 6 years until I retired them and replaced them with a USB set.
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