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  1. I guess it will, as it should…
  2. Wiki If you're getting flickering at 60 Hz or below, turn your brightness up.
  3. This would get you 6 active Indonesian military airbases + all the civilian airports, & 9 bases that are either US bases run in Australia, joint US + Aus bases or Aus bases (4 military airbases and plenty of civilian airports). More than half water, Lot of desert or uninhabited space in Australia / jungle in Papua. Closest bases only separated by the Timor Sea. Indonesia currently or has in the past used a good selection of the fixed and rotary wing aircraft in DCS, as well at other military Eqp from both the West and East (Currently flying the Su-27, Su-30 & the F-16, AH-64, Mi-24, Bo 105 & Mi-8 [export version], sabre, etc.). Everyone else could conceivably be visiting Close enough to the China Sea to conceivably have some of those currently bumping heads in the region drift over or to imagine a circumstance where there may be an occupation in place or underway. Australia is a significant enough strategic ally of the US to expect the US & all other allies to move in, and the Australians to invite them.
  4. So what are you saying ? That they can't run an air force because they're Muslims and have to cover their heads ? How does that work for observant Jews in the Israeli air force ? Unfortunately, as far as I can see, religious beliefs (of any faith, creed or denomination) and intelligence seem to have very little correlation. Some very clever people think the earth was formed in 7 days, some very stupid people think there is nothing more important than themselves. I'm sure there are as many people in the Taliban (& their supporters) capable of maintaining and operating those aircraft as there are in any other country in similar circumstances. Which given the history of Afghanistan over the last 20 years and it's level of impoverishment, will be a small but non-zero number. The US has said it will have no boots on the ground, but that it will still be 'securing its interests' in the region from the air. I'd imagine that once we have everyone out of the country that we want out of the country, flying those aircraft - even for training purposes inside Afghanistan (or probably even standing by them on the tarmac) will become quite a dangerous pastime.
  5. Seems a little like hysteria to me. If they have the backing of some mysterious 3rd party Govt, you don't think it would be simpler to just use a fake passport to hire a plane in the country that you're targeting than to try to fly a military aircraft out of Afghanistan and to another country ? Or use a truck and an agricultural mister Or any number of other methods that are easier and less likely to be stopped ?
  6. Weta43

    Flight model

    Maybe he (?) is on to something ! if I weigh 90 kg, then every time I step each foot carries 90 kg. if I take 20,000 steps each foot has carried 900,000 kg 900,000 kg resting on my foot would instantly turn it into bloody pulp, so obviously it’s impossible for me to walk anywhere, and my designer is conning you all.
  7. Weta43

    Flight model

    Maybe like he said, the question part was deleted ?
  8. The Convair F-106 Delta Dart was the primary all-weather interceptor aircraft of the United States Air Force from the 1960s through to the 1980s. Designed as the so-called "Ultimate Interceptor", it proved to be the last specialist interceptor in U.S. Air Force service to date. It was gradually retired during the 1980s, (& it carries semi-active radar guided missiles with a 250 ton TNT equivalent)
  9. He should call contacts, Ideally he should also (if selected) be able to give spontaneous advice on course, altitude and speed to achieve intended TOWP/TOT (selected via options like 'verbose', 'sparse', 'on request', or 'silent').
  10. There are also shots from the navigators seat - so I thought maybe they're only there in MP if someone takes the position, but at about 1:01 - 1:02 there are 2 aircraft flying in formation, both with navigators.
  11. Cheers, I'll give that a go. It's a bit off that the CAs don't work in FC3 - the fact that they're not clickable doesn't change their use as animation arguments.
  12. 17 & 14, to catch the engine spooling up
  13. Do the cockpit arguments not work the triggers for the Su-25 ? I've previously used them to trigger actions on other aircraft, and I checked they work on the Ka-50 before posting, but they don't seem to for the Su-25... Anyone else noticed this ?
  14. That aside, Fri13 has a point. People are meat sacks, and have to be careful not to let other people make big holes in the sack through which all the contents can leak out. That means most people of sound mind will put not developing holes in their own meat sack above making holes in other people's meat sacks. "Incoming" generally means heads down, not guns up.
  15. "Meat Sack" is people. It's a noun. Meat Jack is something else. It's a verb.
  16. " The Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2 (ГШ-30-2) or GSh-2-30 is a Soviet dual-barrel autocannon developed for use on certain ground attack military aircraft and helicopters. The cannon is not related to the Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1, but is a recoil-operated cannon using the Gast principle, like the Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23L. "
  17. "The MWS is visible but still can't find any pictures of it at all with a third pylon or Iglas." Because - as has been pointed out multiple times, & acknowledged by E.D., the Ka-50 was never actually fielded with Igla or a 3rd pylon - it's a what if exercise of imagination. The reasoning often used runs like 'The Mossie NF had a radar and launchers for rockets- wouldn't it be great if it was upgraded to an N/APQ-153 & had some sidewinders fitted ??? You know it would have happened if they hadn't retired the aircraft !!!"
  18. There's a photo with part of the receiver mechanism removed showing the internals further up the page
  19. I didn't follow the link - Does it say how many hours were flown in each year ? Presumably it's easier to keep an aircraft 'mission capable' if it is serviced then not used. Interesting that in 2019 the only fighter with a lower mission capability rate was the F-22 & the difference between the F-35 & the rest was 5 times the difference between the rest of the teen series, then suddenly the F-35 has a 23 % increase in mission capability rate & jumps to having the highest rate in the fleet. I suspect it's not just 'ironing the bugs out'
  20. The degree of flash is probably also related to what camera is used. Most cameras are more sensitive to infra-red than the human eye, but some have better filters to compensate for that. If you think about what setting fire to brandy in a pan on a cooking show video looks like (huge red bloom) compared to doing it in real life (small blue flame) you'll get what I mean.
  21. Someone really should change the name of the thread - it's an issue with the cockpit model and 'aircraft' model not meshing correctly. A texture bug should have been fixed, a model bug is easier to accept sitting till there's a major rebuild.
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