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  1. ... & on the subject of the all-conquering F-16 - it was less capable than the MiG-29 variants it faced when they were fielded, and it wouldn't have won the competition to be the NATO fighter if the US hadn't put so much pressure on Europe. It is a good plane now, but with 46 years of development time, and the amount of money that's been throw at it, they could have started with a Cessna Caravan and still had a good multi-role aircraft by now...
  2. I played lock-on, moved to FC with the Su-25T (though I prefer the A), and was a closed tester for E.D. from before the Ka-50 was released until after the F/A-18C was in open beta. I have so little interest in flying US aircraft I didn't know how how to read the F-15 radar till I had to learn the F-18 for testing. I enjoyed testing the Huey, but the Mi-8 is a more interesting module. Mostly I now fly the Su-25A (instant buy if they do a DCS module), the Mi-8, the Ka-50 and the Su-27 (in that order) I get the F-18 out to practice traps, but find the US f
  3. LOL Was the OP a prayer to the E.D. Gods or a very long exercise in creative visualisation (wishful thinking)? "I love American aircraft, I want the world to bow down in front of the alter of magnificent American aircraft ! I only want E.D. to make US aircraft." X 1000 If I say often enough and loud enough and long enough that Red aircraft are impossible, no one wants them and no one will buy them, maybe I can make it come true.
  4. They could make it that it comes on immediately, but you can only turn it on once in any 15 second period (to stop blinking)
  5. If you replace "think" with "hope", and "people" with "I", you'd probably be closer to the truth... & I know this, because 100% of the people that think the same way I do agree with me...
  6. The ka-50 shkval is not 'broken' because its operation is inaccurate, or because it doesn't use actual contrast detection, but rather uses lookups depending on time of day, weather and target type to decide whether or not to lock. That's simply the technology that was available (in that it would run on a home PC) at the time the product was released. That's what you ( & I ) were happy to get at the time - the most accurate simulation available for home PC at the time . Time moves on and so do technology and expectations. I don't expect Nokia to update my old 3G 2
  7. I guess the difference is that if an infantry soldier takes a shot with a .50 cal at the engines of a Huey or Mi-8 and the cockpit & pilot are in the way the bullet will pass through the windscreen or skin, through the pilot / co-pilot if they're in the way then proceed on to punch a hole in the engine / gearbox. If an infantry soldier takes a shot with a .50 cal at the engines of a Hind and the cockpit & pilot are in the way, the bullet stops at the bullet proof glass or the armour protecting the pilot & co-pilot. The armour isn't to make the entire aircraft bullet / AAA
  8. "Most Shark pilots I know of, if they're not stuck on using FD all the time, fly by holding in the Trim button, then maneuvering, " Yes, that's me too. FD is a rarity.
  9. No problems with the yaw with my crosswinds - maybe post a track ?
  10. Were they ? Yes, NASA ran the capsules at a higher % of oxygen, but they also ran the capsules at well below atmospheric pressure, to get a partial pressure for the oxygen levels equivalent to that on earth. NASA did have a catastrophic fire on a capsule, but that was more a case of crazy human error (they wanted to pressure test the capsule with crew on board, so pushed the capsule up to atmospheric pressure + 5 lb/in^2 - which meant there was an insanely oxygen rich atmosphere, and a spark sent the module up like a torch.) than there being such a fire hazard in the crew compartments
  11. The vast majority of users (myself included) are mainly single players that rarely venture near an MP server. Of the people that do go online regularly, few would use the multi-crew feature regularly. To them it makes no difference whether multi-crew is implemented or not, as long as there's a sufficiently competent AI option to hand some of the flying / fighting off to - & E.D. have said they're working on that. So while it may be an important feature to you, saying they should sit on the release until they've finished a feature that < 5% of module owners will ever use is ... let'
  12. Yeah, that is a good video. YouTube put it on my feed last night, and I was wondering as I watched it - what's the pilot supposed to be monitoring with the very big and very prominent ammeter (marked in milliamps) mounted right by the HUD ?
  13. It's much better than the old version on my phone, & if you squash your window horizontally to as narrow as it will go, it's fine If you full-screen your browser on a monitor - I preferred the old version. Shame you can't swap between layouts depending on the platform you're using.
  14. Maybe because I live in a country that uses the sensible and intuitive metric system, maybe because I started with the Su-25 & Su-27, but to be honest I don't really love operating US aircraft (...), everything's in imperial (Knots - I mean - are we sailing ?), and the HUD and Avionics are never intuitive ;)
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