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  1. Thanks for letting us come along for the development...it is great to finally be back in this jet after so long away from it. This is my fav jet EVAR!
  2. I love my FSSB R-1 and use it for all my sims. It's a totally different experience going from large stick movements to zero stick movement, only reading the force applied to the stick. My primary hobby is the Viper, so that's why I went that route in the first place...it's like the real thing, only I can set the max force to 6 pounds instead of 25 pounds used in the real thing. I might someday build a more traditional center stick for planes like the F-18 and Su-25T, but for now it does the trick and I'm happy...I just wish that there was an equally cool way to mod my throttle from real
  3. I wish they were LCD and I wish Falcon could export MFD data, but no, just made to look nice. The pit has sure been nice and stable over the years...lots of flight time on those masterpilots, x-keys ICP, and x-keys matrix driving some switches in the landing gear quadrant. foot p.s. I spent some more time playing with the graphics settings in LOMAN and boy that helps frames to find a good profile or mix of settings using that tool.
  4. In the second 25t campaign with the FLOT in the first mission, it gets ugly at those high settings. ingress low through mountains around 18 enemy paints me with AAA radar while I'm hitting with rockets 0 (slideshow) I have to reduce settings around ground objects, especially radars, pretty sad when my machine is so beefy. pasting specs again--------- SLI 6800gt's in multi-GPU mode Dual Opteron 246 processors 2 gigs DDR400 Tyan K8WE dually mobo Dual RAID0 disk arrays, system volume on 10k rpm Raptors, game/swapfile volume on 7200rpm SATAII hitachis. Dedicated window air conditi
  5. There's no FLOT in that one so my attack frames would be less over lots of targets, but I used the same settings as the first poster. start 25 initial feet wet 42 far out at sea 65 ship attack 26 SLI 6800gt's in multi-GPU mode Dual Opteron 246 processors 2 gigs DDR400 Tyan K8WE dually mobo Dual RAID0 disk arrays, system volume on 10k rpm Raptors, game/swapfile volume on 7200rpm SATAII hitachis. Dedicated window air conditioner with dryer vent hose blowing in side of case across video cards and one mobo chip...all get really hot with standard cooling attempts. Pic here.
  6. I've been with the 209th Delta Hawks for, I don't know, nearly a decade or something, so that's where that part is from. The other is a mix. When I served in the U.S.M.C. I was called Big Bird, but I'm also 6'6" tall, hairy, and I smell bad after I've had several pints of dark beer, so I thought Bigfoot (as in Sasquatch) described me better, and somehow they let me get away with suggesting my own name instead of picking one for me. Now, back to :icon_jook
  7. Oh pleeeeze...gimme a little benefit of the doubt, huh? Sheesh. I was doing this in 1.02 for nice screenies and was just asking if anyone had run across a 'cvn-70, landabledeck=yes' or something. You folks make ME laugh sometimes...so quick to put someone down. :icon_roll
  8. I got the meinit.xml humancockpit set to yes for the f-18c, but there are a couple of issues I hope someone knows how to fix, I can't find any good looking settings in the files I've searched so far. The arrestor hook doesn't seem to work, and the carrier deck is not solid. Thanks. foot
  9. Ya, connected ok at 128/128, but it keeps cycling and dumping me out each race start, like maybe it wants all client planes filled before starting. I saved the mission while I was in there and flew it offline where it ripped my open canopy off at race start...pretty funny hearing stuff you don't normally hear in the pit like the braking chutes opening behind you...hehe
  10. Shoot, I need to check here more often as I prolly just missed you. No connect. I think I'll go update my hyperlobby and see what's going on there. Thanks for trying, I would like to see how the 1.1 performs as well in MP...I'm kinda afraid of what I'll find tho...tweaking...lots of tweaking... hehe
  11. ...because I don't know the IP of your server??!!11?? OMG WTF!!!11?? :icon_wink
  12. I'm having trouble getting under 2:03... Track from my home server HERE ..no waiting...hehe. It's cool watching all the other tracks out there too.
  13. http://rapidshare.de/files/1597921/bigfoot140.trk.html :rolleyes: Boy, it's rough getting under 1:40 for me...just gotta get a little slower in that last turn to land, my landing roll just goes on and on. Fun stuff.
  14. Ahh, THAT timer...sheesh, I didn't even think of that one...hehe. Thx.
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