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  1. Furious

    Blurry AI

    OK, I think this is related to the flickering bug mentioned in the graphics issue section. Turning off MSAA improves things greatly. S
  2. Furious

    Blurry AI

    Hi, Turned on the FPS counter, and it also goes all blurry/triple vision as soon as it's overlaid on the terrain... I'll attach a track. OK I can see both phenomenon clearly on the track - tripling of aircraft at a certain distance and the 'jelly' outline of my own plane against background. I'm running the open beta, nvidia drivers up to date, have run a complete repair. Added a picture over water - the worst it gets blurry.trk
  3. Furious

    Blurry AI

    Hi, I'm experiencing a weird issue since the last patch. In a ww2 dog fight, the enemy AI is blurry (like double vision) between 200 - 500 m. Outside that range its fine. Tried taking a screenshot, but no blurriness there. I'm also experiencing a millimetre wide distortion area around the cockpit frame, which is worse against trees or against the ground. Worst is around the green border of the spit mirror for example, but getting it around each panel of the cockpit. I've tried changing various settings to no avail. Running a 1080ti, i7 8700K Thx E
  4. Download has failed due to server capacity twice now. Might want to invest in some decent hardware ED. Just saying.
  5. Yes. I jumped the gun a little... has no effect. I manage to fire two, thought mavbe thats what did it, but no.
  6. Try flipping the IR cool switch next to jettison.
  7. Managed to finish mission 12. Jtac stopped communicating properly after the first 9-line, but I destroyed the AA, the road block, some incoming trucks from the north. Helo came in and extracted, diverted back to Kobuleti, mission success.
  8. this bug means I have to restart DCS every time I get killed. Made me want to smash my PC up a number of times now.
  9. I did it a couple of months ago and didnt have any issues. Probably not what you want to hear, and not much help, but it might be worth just doing it again...
  10. We tried the same mission in day/night, and it seems the AI is much worse at night. We managed to get much closer before being spotted.
  11. Furious


    Same happening with me.
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