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  1. We will see. Ours were messed up when this hotfix hit, lol. But perhaps it fixes future updates.
  2. Yeah, happened to one pilot twice yesterday. Once to me since the 2.7 hotfix
  3. 2.7 has some odd label action. We have been using the custom label lua for about a year and all good. Since 2.7 it is an odd mix. Some people see the custom lua, others see full labels, etc. Even though the mission file is set to enforce "Symbol Only" (dot only is no longer an option)
  4. That was reported already, you might put your voice in that thread. It is not just the rocket selector switch, it is any button/switch with a guard over it.
  5. @TFV - Shepardare you running Windows 10 on a hosted server? Can you share details?
  6. Same here, we have three servers, two with looping missions and it is behaving the same as above.
  7. After I installed 2.7 I cannot mouse click on rocket arm switch, only works with keyboard command or joystick button. Worked as normal before the 2.7 update I cannot upload the trk file, it is too big. dcs.log
  8. Hawkeye, is it possible to update this mod? They look like camo bricks now
  9. I am ok with the current textures for the cockpit, not perfect but they look good in a Reverb. Our Korean War server is ok with our pretend AI assets and pretend that it is Korea Caucasus map but what really needs to be fixed is the sound bug. We have co-op missions every other Sunday with 10-14 pilots. Every single week at least one or two pilots call out "my sound is gone!". They then have to grab a new Sabre to get sound back as it is downright uncomfortable to fly without being able to hear engine changes in your plane, among other sounds.
  10. Been a while since I updated this. We have new liveries, and more silliness. No, we are not that good. This was captured in single player with AI.
  11. LeCuvier the Korean War server uses a modified label lua that allows you to see a dot from a distance the color of the dot at medium distance and then no dot at all at close range. Give it a try. We use the same in our weekly co-op flights. You can set this up for single player as well.
  12. This Is Fantastic. I look forward to watching it mature. I am sooo tempted to create a server for this...
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