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  1. This will be very interesting to see! Will enjoy a lot (like usual), thank you!
  2. ...and there's always this little sweet tool provided by USSR_Rik to quickly switch between AFM and SFM profiles. http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=11724 Still needs alt-tab, tho. However, this tool together with the X52 LCD profile browser, makes the process at least a little bit less a pain in the a**.
  3. Yeah, it's quite a bit unfortunate that all your work more or less is rendered outdated every time patches are released. Maybe avi is the best way to go, for old tracks at least, even with drawbacks like file size and not being able to 'take control' mid track. The problem with broken tracks after patches has been around since day one, and I'm surprised little has been done to remedy it. After all, it actually also breaks the product itself somewhat, by disabling the default tutorials. Maybe ED could come up with a track versioning system that keeps separate copies of older flight model
  4. Ironhand, I have enjoyed your tutorials plenty in the past and just wanted to say thanks! You're a pro in how you design them and you're a great resource to the flight sim community. Have a suggestion for your nice site (in favour for the lazy like me): I'm missing an additional one click download where I can get a pack of all your current tutorials based on versioning of LockOn. Basically one up-to-date essential tutorial download for all new LockOn installations, whatever version. They're all worth getting, really, no matter what 'taste' in planes ppl may have.
  5. Just thought about the lack of this feature in FC yesterday, after a VERY frustrating SU-25T mission with F-15 axis settings for my X-52. Will try it out straight away. Thanks for the effort!
  6. That would sadly also fit as the answer to my second question above.
  7. Q: Why does the dog lick himself in the crotch? A: Because he can. Anyway, loads of kudos to Natural Point for delivering and giving us the freedom to choose 64-bit XP and still enjoy TrackIR 3! Now, why haven't ED yet released a "64 bit fix" for the 32-bit starforce infested FC?
  8. Hmm, don't you ppl think it's about time to let us watch some moving images of this beauty? It's been hours since we saw the pics and it's only a year or so until release. A scanned print in all its rasterized glory is great, but...well, you know.
  9. Actually, for quite a while now a few of us have posted on NaturalPoint's own forums, requesting at least an unsupported beta of the 64-bit drivers for TrackIR3/VE. It's the type of request one can send to an open and service minded business, and sometimes they go along with it. Somehow it's understandable that this small hardware company doesn't have the resources to put all their programmers on the 64-bit software while they're still working to fully complete the 32-bit version. I'm sure they will deliver soon, as always. SF not having 64-bit drivers is affecting a whole lot many more p
  10. Re: TrackIR 6DOF will be supported in Lock On 1.2 Very good news, indeed! That (hopefully) means a thorough re-working of all current cockpits, to make them look good from all angles. That possibly also means some more load on performance, but I'll gladly take that in exchange for 6DOF. Especially the A2G birds will benefit from this, not to mention a future chopper. I'd love to be more active inside the pit when scanning for targets, instead of having to roll the aircraft to see what's below. :shock:
  11. Yep, it works really well...zoom becomes intuitive by just moving forward. However, it's a bit more difficult to keep the precision when leaned forward towards the HUD, as opposed to simply using fixed zoom. There are ways around this, like temporarily using the 'precision mode' (F8 i believe) in the TrackIR software. Most of all, it even more makes you want to lean to the sides when looking for ground targets below... Really hope they implement that one day.
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