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  1. I've found the solution. While on the win7 partition, insert your mac instal disc, launch the setup bootcamp which is on the cd and after completion of the instalation, restart. Then, after having restarted win7, launch the Boot Camp control panel (you have it in the lower right corner of your screen), in the keyboard tab thick the "use F1-F12 keys" box. Then F13, F14, F15 keys of your keyboard can be used as respectively prtscrn, scrl lock and break.
  2. I'm runing lockon and fc2 on a mac pro trough a bootcamp win7 partition. All is fine. the issue I'm having is with few keys from the mac keyboard that are apparently not responding in FC2. The 3 keys between the main keys and the numpad: printscrn, scrl lock and break. On my mac keyboard they are named F13, F14 n F15. They were working fine and responding on FC 1.12b,i.e. hitting the F13 key would work as a printscrn. now, on FC2 this wont work anymore. I've tryed to remap the screenshot with some other key combination: i.e. right ctrl + space, or with one of the x52 button, but
  3. Hi Crunch Following information you've posted on our forum today, that your squad forum is temporary down, I've created a public BSS forum category, where all people willing to participate in Red coalition together with =4c= and =SE= squad are welcome and can join. After their announcement there, we will set them permission to the private part of the BSS forum in which they will be able to participate in planing. This is the link to the Public Red BSS: http://www.4c-squad.rs/forum/index.php?showforum=92 every new registration will have the authorization to post from our admin the
  4. I dont know if you guys have had a look on the tracks... FOV of ARH missiles = 12 degrees gimbals = +- 180 degrees question: what is FOV answer: Field of View (of the missile) question2: what is gimbals? articulation of the missiles radar helping the fov to keep the look on the target (correct me if Im wrong, at least it is how I understand it so far) Now, what you can clearly see in the tracks provided is that ARH missiles fired without radar lock, are finding a target that is way too much away of the 12 degrees of missiles FOV. It-s like the gimbals and the fov are merged
  5. yes I did, but in the pile of replies, I didnt found the one to the main question: Is it a bug or not, and if yes, will it be corrected. The fact is that actually the R77 & AIM120 seems to react like having a FOV of 180 degrees, and it is demonstrated in the tracks. That makes them exageretdly deadly imo, and in a way it is killing the pleasure of BVR combats for SU-27/33 pilots that are flying against MIG-29 & F-15's.
  6. LOL, I know your skills Dante and I have no doubt that you did it in 1.1, but hey.... where did you dig that idea of doing it inverted ;-)
  7. I couldn't watch the show live, so Thnx for the video Andrew! VFTC Bratki , amazing flight! respect!
  8. very nice mate, both of them. My preffered is the first one, simple, designed with style.
  9. well, now it's seriously challenging. love the feeling, but sure I will neeed to practice some more till I land that bird correctly.
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