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  1. Someone with this ip address : has tried to log onto my account. They tried five times before the account locked out. Whoever you are get your own account and stop trying to access mine.
  2. Yes. I remember that thread. Did not use the info. Is it still available?
  3. If you are really concerned about price then perhaps your not ready for FC, or BS when it is released. I know for a fact if I had a finished copy of Black Shark for sale if would fetch a tidy sum if I offered it on the forums. Lock On Flaming Cliffs is a fantastic game and well worth the money. Most computer games cost an average of Ј29.99 in the UK. You would be lucky to get a months gameplay before you got bored with them. Not so with Flaming Cliffs or Black Shark when it is released. You could play it for years and still discover something new. I have been playing Lock On since it was first
  4. All the best with your new job. I echo the sentiments posted and hope you will not be away too long.
  5. http://www.rcsimulations.com/switch.htm Go to this website. Its RC Simulations based in the UK. They will be happy to sell you a CD Version of Lock On and the add on Flaming Cliffs. I assume you already have an English copy of Lock On. If not you will need to buy that as well before you can use the add on. You can also email them with any questions you may have. They also take Switch or Maestro Cards.
  6. I would set up a paypal account using ebay. No need for a credit card. Just a bank account. Then by an English version of FC either from ebay or from RC Simulations. I hope this helps.
  7. I understand your frustation, but lets not start a war here. This is one of the reasons I decided to keep the poll anonymous. What would happen in a Poll or Election in which you had the names of who voted and how they voted? Some would exploit this information to launch personal attacks. I always thought that despite our differences we all had a common interest and goal, which I feel is to have fun and help to improve Lock On with sensible debate.
  8. The Poll Question was: Will You Use ECM Blinking during a BVR Engagement? Not whether it is cheating or not cheating. But judging by those who do use it they are more than willing to admit it. For me the people who cheat are those who use Print Screen. Now they deserve to be named and shamed.
  9. Please cast your vote on the use of ECM Blinking.
  10. Game Exploits The debate on ECM Blinking has got me wondering. Are there any other game exploits that you would like to comment about?
  11. Gentlemen please. I would like other people to express their views. I don't want this to become a street fight between you two with the rest of us as spectators. You have posted equal arguments on this matter and I thank you greatly for your replies. I am sure we would all like to know what others think on this issue and if you have a view please feel free to express it. If anything is going to done to by the developers then a cross section of views I am sure will hold more sway.
  12. Would anyone care to comment on that. I must confess I agree with his sentiments on this matter. Feel free to add your comments wether you agree or not on the use of ECM Blinking.
  13. When I started this thread I wasn't quite expecting the level of feeling some of the replies have shown. I have read nearly every reply. But please let us not get personal. I want to know how you feel on the subject. Those who agree and those who don't. Do not use this as a way to vent your frustrations against an individual or a squad.
  14. I am not sure why. But during some BVR engagements that I have had against people using the ECM Blink I was unable to get a lock to fire a missile in the first place. Perhaps someone with a more detailed knowledge of the game will explain.
  15. I understand and I would agree. Flying at 10metres above the ground is just plain silly. It is something I would not do anyway.
  16. Yes. I would agree with you on that. But regarding using Terrain masking in an A2A engagement, surely you can not be accused of cheating by using this. I use terrain masking to avoid ground threats not other fighters. I like to have a height advantage before launching missiles. But to please all types servers have a mixture of ground based systems that could quickly spoil you day. If I see a mountain range and a ground based radar system has me locked then I'll use it to mask my radar cross section. I would pain me to think that I was in some way cheating.
  17. So does using Print Screen. But I wouldn't dream of using it... Keep em coming people.
  18. Thank you for your post. I thought the blinking of ECM was a defect within the game itself (Please someone from ED clarify). I am not sure if it is a real world tactic. If your ECM is on then it is possible for you to be locked by an enemy. If it is off you can still be locked by an enemy. But Blinking on and off you can not be locked. Which means you can get a missile off first. Your opponent at this time has gone defensive. What I want are peoples views. Using terrain masking and flares to hide is not cheating. This is because they are real world tactics. But I am no expert in radar systems
  19. Blinking ECM will stop your opponent from getting a Lock. Using this technique means you can get your missiles off long before the enemy has even had a chance to Lock you up let alone fire a missile off. Not exactly sure of the mechanics of it. Perhaps someone can explain it with a bit more detail.
  20. I just want to start a debate on this issue. Last night on the 504 server it got a little heated on the subject between a couple of pilots. I personally do not use the technique during a BVR engagement, and I have adjusted my tactics to match pilots who do use it. I would just like to know your views on the subject. I have raised the matter before with other pilots privately but I feel it is time to bring the subject out into the open again. I look forward to reading your views on this matter.
  21. I meant no offence Eagle. Please read part of a question I sent to Pilotasso. It was his response to a question regarding a BVR Engagement between an F15 and Su27. A quick question regarding your reply to a question from a Su27 pilot trying to engage an enemy F15. You replied "Turn ECM on and off with the same timing it takes for the F-15 to recover from STT back to TWS and you will become nearly INVISIBLE (pick a mig-29 and he wont be able to see you at all). This also will keep him to from getting a single shot off, because only the radar missiles on the eagle have range to hit anyth
  22. The problem is caused when you constantly switch your ECM on and off on HL to avoid getting locked. Play fair and I am sure the problem will correct itself... Only joking. I have had this before but it was in 1.1 I just reinstalled it and have never had a problem again. It does sound like a problem with your graphics card or settings.
  23. Beating the F-15? Pilotasso wrote: "Its easy. Turn ECM on and off with the same timing it takes for the F-15 to recover from STT back to TWS and you will become nearly INVISIBLE (pick a mig-29 and he wont be able to see you at all). This also will keep him to from getting a single shot off, because only the radar missiles on the eagle have range to hit anything and the sidwinder still has to be cued by radar but will not hit much of anything unless your dead ahead 3 miles at your target." I once used this tactic on a server in HL. It caused such a stir. It was like being accused of c
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