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  1. Excellent guide, many thanks! I was also able to show the AMPCD (aka "CENTER_MFCD") in the bottom left of my single monitor. Unfortunately it seems that multiple "viewports" shown at the same monitor are not clearly visible as these will be shown like transparent overlays (e.g. center view is shining through).
  2. I think you need to frequently update JDAM coordinates manually by TDC depress/release, esp. just before releasing the bomb (in CCRP / Auto mode). If not, the JDAM coordinates will stay with the initial target point and the corrections made by the bomb in the last seconds before impact (when laser is firing) won't be sufficient to hit the target which had been moving away from the initial target point. Update 2021-08-01: Instead of JDAM the GBU16 are being used to attack the moving target. But also for GBU, the target point (for AUTO release) needs to be updated constantly (because the target is moving). If not, the GBU will miss as the target moves out of range. Badger633 also states this in the mission briefing "...target point for the auto bomb drop system...must be reselected constantly, by pressing TDC..."
  3. Hi Chuck, chapter Weapon employment (bombs) (page 65) please add a hint that the "top circuit breaker in the front fuse box" needs to be activated, otherwise the bomb won't release - thanks!
  4. This really is a great campaign, I am having lot's of fun! Each mission does require some new tactics and requires to learn new and varied handling topics, but so far (as of mission #5) this never got frustrating or boring.
  5. I also having patterns in distant clouds (horizontal lines) in DCS OpenBeta - please see attached screenshot (gives an idea but in reality it looks worse) My resolution is 3440 x 1440
  6. Well said - I can't agree more A similar issue I see is with F-18 air-to-air refueling...
  7. I think the friction limit of the front tires is way too low (even under dry and non-freezing conditions) - as if the deck would be very slippery or being covered with blackice.
  8. OK, good to know as I haven't been able to select ILS at Nevada map / Groom Lake AFB (109.3 MHz = channel 30) due to the fact that for F-18 the highest selectable ILS channel in cockpit is channel #20.
  9. That might be a workaround, I agree. But that's not the point: the plane should not be moving like that, so the mechanics are not implemented as they should be.
  10. No, there is definitely something wrong with the mechanics - please see https://drive.google.com/file/d/12t1xpvb91cgPa4tu3giTl52Ev1v80smW/view (video taken from an older version, but this issue still persists in DCS 2.7)
  11. Thanks, highly appreciated! And please also have a look at the rolling behaviour - while moving on the carrier deck, the Hornet often slides over the front wheels straight ahead or even moves in the opposite direction (esp. when high gain steering is engaged) - thanks!
  12. For me it is too difficult, there's no need to discuss that (and I'm not the only one). Your statement "...Over the years..." tells it all...I don't have that much time or do not want to invest that much. For air refueling in a game - even if it's a simulator and even for a study sim like DCS - this huge amount of training should not be required. If it would be that hard in real life then pilots would do nothing else. I am not asking for a huge simplification, just an option for a liiiiitle simplification or more forgiveness during this procedure.
  13. Hi Rhinozherous: simple answer is YES Please! Or add an "Easy Option" - air refueling currently is too difficult in DCS!
  14. I am still frustrated with air refueling: hitting the basket is really hard while probe and basket get separated again soooooooooo easily. Thanks for all the helpful and well-intended hints guys, but I am convinced that there should be an easy option e.g. providing a larger hit zone and more forgiving/stable connection between probe and basket. If someone wants it done the hard way, well then do it and practice (a lot), but I fully support what Meyomyx said. If it would be as difficult in real life as it is in DCS, there would e.g. be a lot more accidents with jets running out of fuel or like in Palomeras 1966...
  15. I am also having random trimming issues: cyclic is stuck (rudder still seems to work) at the last trimming position. "Pilot trimmer" as well as "Reset trimmer" do not work. Force Feedback is set to off. I have the impression that when I had no rudder deadzone it was even worse (means axis have been stuck more often). Sometimes I am able to reset trimmer (by pressing "reset trimmer") or set a new trimmer position by pressing respective buttons multiple (e.g. 5) times, but often I just hit the ground... Edit: When cyclic is stuck (after using "Pilot trimmer"), pressing "Active Pause" and then moving the stick around re-releases the cyclic again.
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