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  1. Hey Slammin, I think we'd be willing to test your Ded, I as well as LawnDart will be on tomorrow for a good bit of the day. My MSN is RacingFB@hotmail.com Hit me up if you see me online, and we'll put this theory to the test.
  2. GGTharos, Good summary, I would like to add to the symptoms that it seems that when ping period is closer to 3 the overall studder is less but the host plane seems to jerk around more (jerk around = random jerkiness that looks close to lag but is not at any regular interval at all and therefore not coinciding with the studder). The closer it is to 1 the more frequent and noticable the studder becomes and the host plane does not jerk at all rather the host plane is part of the studder like the ground. I'd say the host is always part of the studder but when PP is at 3 its hardly noticable compaired with the jerkiness. PS- this is still a problem, any word from the Devs on this issue, tell me it'll be addressed post haste in the next patch and I'll shutup
  3. Hey I just wanted to post how much I enjoyed the track. I give particular praise to how tight you kept the entire performance to show center. I'm also amazed that the big Su-27 can do a loop and roll at 300knts! We'll have to give that speed a shot in our next practice.
  4. Now you know we're bored here ED, come on FIX THIS SO WE CAN GET IN SOME MEANINGFUL PRACTICE ;) But seriously, at least post that you're on it
  5. Well it is definately related to the program dealing with being online, as tracks recorded in studdering multiplayer sessions look mostly fine when reviewed. And like I said some value is being fed into the machine, I'd guess interpolation calculator as adjusting ping period has an affect, and this bit of code is either eatting up loop cycles or just plain telling the plane to make radical corrections rather than subtle ones.
  6. I think it should be known the studder does not show up on a track replay of a multiplayer session. This info combined with the fact that there is no studder in SP and that changing the PingPeriod has a dramatic affect on studder means that it is a net code issue. Now our biggest lead is the PingPeriod so if anyone has any speculation as to how this value relates to the net code :cough: :beta testers: :cough: :developers: :cough: :cough: this would be a big help. Just from my own tests it looks like PP changes the standard period that a ping signal is compared against. When PP was changed to 2 or 3 in some tests I got a ping of 400+ in others 0 so I believe in certain instances it can actually evaluate the ping ie 400+ and in others it deems it as so high that it is a time out so to speak and gives a 0 value. Now I would think the ping is being fed into some kind of interpolate program where a normal ping, ie under 100, is producing the studder output. A zero ping sends the interpolate program into a default mode of some kind where studder is much less, but of course still prevalent. Another possibility is that the PP value itself is the driver for the interpolate program and the 0 ping is just a side effect of this. But that's a question easily answered by someone with access to the source code :cough: :cough: It seemed to me that the higher the PP the less studder is seen in the sim as a whole but the more "classic lag" is apparent in the lead plane. At a PP=1 the lead is solid but the studder is out of control. That is how we decided on a PP=2 it seems to be the best compromise between the two extremes and allows us to actually perform simple loops and rolls again. I think the next step for us is to tweek the PP into the decimal range between 2-3 I think this is possible as I have seen the program reset its PP value to a very long decimal in the sub 1 range (why it did this I can't remember the circumstances but it did) And of course my theory on the interpolate program is just that, so anyone with more insight please correct me :)
  7. There has to be something else, most of the Tbirds are running Intel setups. You're a beta tester man, the death is in the details :) I'm going to test if the studder shows up on a track or in spectator mode, I'll post my findings shortly.
  8. Ok then its a step in the right direction- please list as much info on these two non-studder pilots. Internet connection, hardware (including vid drivers), install order (ie did they upgrade from 1.02 or go with a fresh install). Did they use auto activation or manually verify with SF. And of course any mods from a stock install they might be using. If they do not have studder this means there is a way we can go without studder as well. If gathering this info is a pain for you please PM me their contact info.
  9. I had an idea while reading over my post that I thought deserves a new post- Has anyone tried using LAN setup rather than Internet. I know it was possible to direct connect to the host over the internet using the LAN setting in 1.02 so the same should be true in 1.1. Just a suggestion for those testing, I'll be too busy today to try it until tonight. Also another question to be answered b/f I see the VTFC show- do spectators see the studder as well b/c if they do and I do not see any in the Russian VTFC server then I think we have things narrowed down a bit.
  10. Ahhhh LD, I was praying that taking out the host's push files would solve it. Well my weekend trip got cancelled yesterday so I'll be able to talk with the VFTC and get input from them Saturday morning. I mean if they're putting on a show they can't have the studder, unless their uber fast LAN connection smooths it out (doubtful). And this all takes it back to the only difference between our two programs- Star Force. Which I know to some sounds like I'm calling SF a witch but until I have confirmation that the Russian version also has studder its the only thing I can come up with at this point. Also if the Russian version DOES NOT have studder then I can't think of any other culprit. Just to reinforce previous arguments, I am using an Intel setup so its doubtful its a hardware issue. I think ppl who have seen no studder need to answer the follow up question of how many planes were within 100ft of you. I think anyone who has experienced no studder should start a mission on the ramp with a squadmate as client, the studder should be apparent as soon as you turn the nose to taxi to the runway. Someone mentioned tracing SF to see if its dialing home with a router and a certain program, if you could post a bit more info I think we can set up a test for this as LD has a router.
  11. I am having some of the most pronounced versions of this problem. Every 2-3 seconds there's about a 0.1s studder, for me it seems as if the whole sim is coming to a halt where the ground is of course the easiest thing for ppl to spot but the planes are stopping as well. I'm using an onboard NIC (what he's asking Silent is if your network card is integrated to the MOBO rather than a seperate PCI card). In anycase I have serious doubts that this game was thoroughly tested with the version of SF we're using, as the Russian version had a different build of SF that was only a CD check. Next thing the Tbirds will be trying is to remove all the check files sent from host to client at mission start, taking out the mod (as we have already tried) and creating the most barebones of missions. To see if we can get a usable build on our hands and begin to add things back in until the problem is found. Any developer suggestions would be appriciated, let us help you help us. :)
  12. Our mission is pretty simple, just some markers around the airport and a few waypoints, no AI at all. We're going to be working on this until its sorted so any further suggestions are very welcome.
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet: Plane- F-15 Spd- Mach 2+ Alt- 20000ft+ Broken System- Mach1 roll rate limiter Situation- Full deflection roll then some forward stick input once inverted. If speed is high enough I'd say above M1.5 the forward stick causes the roll to slow and if the roll slows to a stop the x-axis reverses at this point. It remains reversed until speed goes below Mach1 Lemme know if you need any further info BTW Is there anychance a dev or beta tester will see this?
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