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  1. I have to say, I really liked it, and I don't post kudos often. Nice job :)
  2. Actually its only thru simple bent washers that the FCC becomes moveable, I'd imagine with the same washers you could get the same effect with the FSSB as they mount to the cougar base is a similar fashion.
  3. Is avionics the most important part of a flight sim? The precision of the F4 avionics makes the F-16 the perfect choice for ED's next jet. What makes a great sim is Avionics-Graphics-Flight Model, ED does the last two superbly and I really don't care if I only have to hit one button to start the engine rather than nine switches and knobs. Also was JF18 a great sim beyond avionics? I thought she flew like a pig, and the pop-up "meatball" glideslope was the best indicator to the lack of useable graphics. Bottom line if ED can't get the best avionics intel I don't think that will preclude them from recreating a good F-16. As a Tbird I very much look forward to ED's next jet.
  4. santa esmeralda - dont let me be misunderstood Kill Bill vol. 1 sound track
  5. Yes, I reduce speed in LOMAC by 4 (two clicks of Alt-A). Like I said you want to just about max out your systems capablities, for me that is 2xAA. I use Quality VBR to render and do no record sound.
  6. 1024x768 Specs = Nothing Special The trick is to turn up your graphic settings until a bit less than your own systems max ability then capture at 1/4 speed in LOMAC then speed up the replay by 4X. If your system is hotter than a $2 pistol and you can run with decent frames while everything is maxed out then you can cap at 2X only and save yourself some HD space.
  7. Video Setup Thanks GA, that means alot in reference to your outstanding work. I used fraps 2.5.5 to capture and editted and rendered in Sony Vegas, settings are as follows. Fraps: Full Size @ 30FPS Vegas: Video Render Quality- Best Res- 640X480 Quality Slider- 93% Audio- 192kbps @ 48kHz
  8. Here's a 3 minute movie trailer we made to coincide with the publishing of the Computer Pilot Magazine article. Full movie should be out next month hopefully. Right Click and Save As: http://www.lockonskins.co.uk/linkcounter.php?LID=209 Enjoy :)
  9. Bump Coming soon for the Tbirds- Trailer for the 2005 Movie and an article in September's Computer Pilot Magazine. Can you really afford not to tryout???
  10. Anyone played it online yet? Namely, how's the netcode in AF. And even more specifically has anyone tried formation flying in AF. Just curious.
  11. I'd imagine he wants radar altitude for each plane. Possibly for a terrain following system. Or maybe just ground altitude at certain map coordinates, for who knows what. In anycase, I too would like more export functions as well as more 'export lua only' commands. Such as a universal padlock- ie padlock in any view.
  12. Nice Vid, I have to both compliment and critique your recording of the entire show. The turn around procedures were interesting to those who fly formation aerobatics- but could be boring to the average viewer. I especially liked the #1 cobra/ #2 break right, that maneuver really translates to real life combat- I could almost visualize the enemy going for the easier target while the wingman goes in for the kill. Overall it reminded me of the two ship MiG and Su demos that I have seen at various international airshows. On a side note- you guys can definately get closer than that! In the big Su-27 you should be tucked under Lead's wing!
  13. You forgot formation :P If you can handle a full formation aerobatics show, BVR and bombing is a snap, gun-zo is another matter, I can do the formation stuff but my close range dogfighting skills leave something to be desired. Oh yeah and how bout appearing as one target on radar b/c we're so close together? My gunzo skills maybe lacking but if I bring 5 other pilots with me I think my chances improve dramatically. Overall I think you should make things more specific- who's the best 1v1 BVR, bomber, gun smith. Squad tactics play a role. Oh and in case I didn't make it clear, I'd bring the VTbirds with me to any fight. :)
  14. Ok a more specific question, how often is the view/server.lua accessed. As well as how often the view Functions are accessed. I think these are more Lomac questions than LUA questions.
  15. Quick question on what's possible in the 1.1 LUA's I see that in the export.lua you can input game commands- keystrokes basically. What I want to know is can you modify any game game parameters in these lua's (view, server, etc) ex. -- in the server.lua this is the regular config -- vAngleRearMin = -8.0 -- could I make a conditional loop that assigns a variable to vAngleRearMin like this vAngVar = LastvAngVar + 1 vAngleRearMin = vAngVar -- so that I could have a continually increasing vAngleRearMin until I stopped the loop A more detailed question would be what can be changed in export.lua and what can be changed in the other lua's. Can the other lua's access dat files and then uses the dat values to change variables like vAngleRearMin. Also will the server.lua parameter vAngleRearMin change in game? Or can ingame changes only be affected thru 'commands' ie, keypresses. Thx for your time,
  16. Not to hijack the thread. But.. YES! - be sure to read the "readme" Get it in the Library/Files Section http://www.virtualthunderbirds.com
  17. Studdering seems to be gone, THE SYSTEM WORKS!!!!!! Praise be to the ED team, keep up the good work. Now to get started on tryouts/video/live show. See you in the skies
  18. We use a hacked lomac Han ;) Pleeeeeeeaaaaase support us :)
  19. Server info is up on the thread linked above. See you all tomorrow.
  20. Boss thought I should spread the word beyond our own forums. So here's the info. http://virtualthunderbirds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=92
  21. When I get the row boat effect it is sporadic and often eliminated by a reconnect.
  22. Let me know if you can setup a server with packet of 500 and your upstream downstream set to what you think is an accurate reflection of your connection (look in the network LUA file and set it to something less than what you get in a speed test such as pcpitstop.com)
  23. Changing host PingPeriod seems to do nothing, however, tweeking your upload/download speed does change things, LD used 12000 up and down with good result.
  24. LawnDart and I just tried your Ded Server and got worse studdering than in LawnDart's server. Oh well, thanks for helping us eliminate another possibility on the list.
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