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  1. Register in the developer section on http://www.oculusvr.com/, anyone is allowed to register, there are lots of great demos to be found in the forums. There are also user guides (setup/faq) in the download section. If you want to get it running in DCS you'll be limited to 2D only, but you can use Oculus Overlay plus Freetrack to get it done. I would recommend getting the Outerra alpha if you want the best flying experience in the Rift, very immersive. Warthunder is also fun and has native Rift support.
  2. Oculus Overlay can produce the same effect with anything on your screen. Looking forward to Milestone 4!
  3. So did NThusim enable SBS 3D in DCS? Its not clear from your description.
  4. 9.7" is too big, its all about pixel density per inch not overall resolution.
  5. I'm part of the L-39 dev team and 3rd party access cannot modify the view ports to our knowledge. As far as keyboard, overlay the keyboard on the screen and use head tracking to tap the keys. Works just fine in VorpX, no mind reading required. I'm gonna keep sayin it :D
  6. +1 Tracking Latency is down to the programming. When its done right I see no latency at all. Same with keyboard, you can look down or use a screen overlay. Resolution on the consumer version will be at least 1080p and early renderings show two camera on the front plate, meaning positional tracking. Bring on the DCS integration!
  7. Wonder how he did it. Its currently possible to offset the camera angle with LUA edits but not the eye position. He might have created a passable 3D effect with a small angle offset but it isn't proper 3D. Anybody know this guy?
  8. Not seeing the keyboard is 100% fixable. I posted this earlier but people keep bringing the keyboard thing up, so here it is again with emphasis :) A keyboard screen overlay is already a feature of VorpX, it could just as easily be made a feature in an officially supported version of DCS. In DCS the keyboard is used for housekeeping items, things that aren't already on the HOTAS. This feature lets you type keyboard inputs using your head. In fact if it was officially implemented by ED they could render the keyboard to appear on your lap in the cockpit, or simply down out of the way of all MFDs. Problem solved, now let's go back to filling this thread with posts about why ED should be implementing this tech ASAP!
  9. As little development time as is needed for Rift support, that just doesn't add up. Their current projects are year long or multi-year development cycles; they could have the Rift up and running and attract many new customers to their product right now.
  10. I wouldn't hold your breath for a second dev kit. With recent announcements and the recent infusion of capital into Oculus, signs point to all efforts being focused on a consumer version of the Rift sometime in 2014.
  11. Definitely! I can say from my last couple flights that formation flying in the Rift is incredible!
  12. LOL Actually you're dead on, you push a hotkey to bring up the keyboard and use your head to select the keys!
  13. Oh and an update for all the people talking about not being able to see the keyboard. VorpX drivers to be released shortly have a virtual keyboard that can be pulled up while in game. Hopefully they'll work with DCS but its a decent solution either way.
  14. I got mine about a week ago. I've done successful aerobatic flights in DCS with the Rift using Oculus Overlay, Monitor.lua and OpenTrack. Resolution is too low, but we all know that. Its fun, but it makes me want the consumer version that much more.
  15. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1759390&postcount=327 Its a rough hack but it works.
  16. Made a small fix, resolution should be 1280x800 not 1200. My bad. I've been messing around with the iZ3D drivers but haven't had success with the side-by-side mode yet. Wasn't able to get a copy of the 1.10 driver that PeterP said was working, so I'm trying the 1.13RC.
  17. I've found a dirty method of getting DCS working with the Rift (non-stereoscopic). The method edits the monitor lua to display two identical side by side images. Then a user made program called Oculus Overlay applies the barrel warp. FacetrackNOIR is used for head tracking. Note: I do not have my Rift yet so I've only tested the split screen with barrel warp, not FacetrackNOIR, YMMV. Let me know if you try it with a Rift and any problems come up. Step 1: Create a side by side monitor lua file- Open the folder ...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Config\MonitorSetup\ Create a copy of one of the LUAs in the folder and edit it as below. Select this monitor in your DCS options menu. See this thread for more detailed info on monitor setup: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=60815&highlight=multiple+monitors Step 2: Turn off full screen mode and set resolution to 1280x800 in DCS options. Step 3: Download and launch the Rift compatible build of FacetrackNOIR found here: http://www.speedyshare.com/J2RjC/ftnoir-posix-20130428-2.7z That version of FacetrackNOIR may be out of date, so you might want to snoop around GitHub for the latest and greatest: https://github.com/sthalik/facetracknoir-posix/blob/master/ftnoir_tracker_rift/ftnoir_tracker_rift.cpp Set FacetrackNOIR to Rift and FreeTrack 2.0. Step 4: Download Oculus Overlay found here: https://developer.oculusvr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=299 Overlay requires you to download the XNA library. The links can be found in the Overlay thread above. Step 5: Follow the instructions for Oculus Overlay included in the read me file to set your screen capture area, zoom and distortion. Also Oculus Overlay likes to run on the same core as your game so you could probably see a decent performance boost by setting its affinity to a free CPU core. - iZ3D is another possibility rather than the lua edit but I haven't tried it yet. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=80407 Credit to the good people at the War Thunder forums for hashing this out for War Thunder and Wings of Prey.
  18. I don't think you can offset the viewport in the LUA for stereoscopic vision, just render two center views. Which is a good start but I think both the offset and barrel distortion have to be done within the engine code. Then ipd/fov numbers could be added to the view.lua to allow users to tweek the amount of offset and fov. A 1080P 120Hz panel for the consumer Rift would be awesome :D
  19. The tweeking and bug fixing always takes longer doesn't it, lol. Perhaps if they pull all the configuration numbers from an LUA and let the community do some of the tweeking it would make things easier. I'm a kickstarter backer, around ~7800 in line. So I should get my Rift in the next two weeks if the latest reports are to be believed. I'm psyched. TBH I'm looking at the Boss's jet most of the time so not looking in the pit at all. That said I figured we could create a one-off version of our L39 pit that had stupid big gauges for the Rift Dev Kit resolution. Really curious how the consumer version will turn out. 4K would be sweet but IDK if 4k panels will be available or affordable any time soon. Hopefully 1080P on a 5" screen will be sufficient. If DCS ultimately becomes a no-go, there's still HL2, TF2, Doom3, Hawken (eventually), and all the weird demos to enjoy.
  20. I'm with npole on this. I've looked through the Oculus SDK on rendering and it doesn't look that bad. Now re-writing the entire rendering pipeline in an effort to push more FPS, that's another story and would take considerably longer. And yes, the headtracker is simple to integrate and a minor portion of the total workload. I've heard that not all demos run at 60 FPS and as far as motion sickness it seems like a YMMV kind of thing. I'm curious to see if I get sick with the lesser performing demos as I've never been motion sick before. Has that been your experience? Never motion sick before, but the Rift gets your stomach doing backflips? While it would be nice if ED did a rewrite to increase performance I think that's too much to hope for. The basic rendering integration would not take that long to implement, and then the end-users can decide if its usable. Like I said previously, I do very little combat flying so I'm confident I can get 60 FPS for flying formation aerobatics :D
  21. I like this idea of ED just coding the barrel distortion shader and stereoscopic 3D. Since the headtracker.dll is open source we would have the option of using FacetrackNOIR or just adding the Rift sensor-fusion calls to the headtracker.dll ourselves. That is true, all reports indicate the rift needs 60FPS w/vsync to really shine. Maybe turning the graphics down could help a bit. Afterall the Rift is about immersion not eye popping graphics. Yes it would, keep us posted on your progress!
  22. There is the possibility that adding Rift support to DCS would violate the Natural Point (TIR) SDK agreement. I put the question to NP in their forums, waiting for a response. Developer support for the Rift in DCS would be outstanding. I fly aerobatics not combat so the resolution is not a big issue for me. Plus the consumer version will have a better resolution. Bottom line every game that gets developer Rift support is a big deal within the Rift community. TFC would sell lots of copies of their DCS modules if they add Rift support. I'm in the high 7k's in the dev kit queue, so my Rift will be shipping sometime in the next two weeks. I can't wait!
  23. Update: FaceTrackNoir now has a Rift plug-in in the latest Alpha build ( ver. 1.8 ) so it is now possible to use the Rift sensors for head movement in all TrackIR compatible games, including DCS. FTNOir also allows for an additional sensor to be used for head positional tracking for the full 6 DOF treatment. Next hurdle is side by side 3D with lens warp and DCS will fully Rift compatible :)
  24. The gimbals inside the pit are the same. However the Blue jets use bungee cords on the pitch axis to pull the stick forward to help with close formation flying. That's the effect I'll be going for- I do more formation flying than combat :)
  25. That. Is. Awesome. Looking forward to it!
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