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  1. http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_fighters/p86_8.html
  2. Hi, ruling out my anti-virus was one of the first things i did. This issue only occurs if I open DCS, then close it without logging off/rebooting, then open it a second time. Seems to be something is holding DCS from releasing resources after the initial shutdown. The workaround of just logging off then back on seems to be working for now, but obviously it's less than satisfying. Thx for your responses.
  3. thx, Buzzles. It happens even if the mission is empty but for one plane. Something else i noticed is that it only happens after I've closed DCS then re-opened it without logging off or restarting my PC. Seems that DCS is not releasing resources or something along those lines. The only thing that spikes is my SSD when the the ME is trying to write to the .miz file.
  4. Does anyone have a clue as to why this would happen? Is it a DCS thing, or should i be looking elsewhere for causes? thx
  5. Hi all, I'm posting here because my problem is happening in both the alpha and release versions. A few days ago I noticed that when saving missions in the mission builder that it would take up to 10 seconds for the save to actually complete. I then noticed I was getting 1-2 sec 40FPS drops every 20 seconds or so when flying in either version. This is happening even in missions where I'm using no mods/scripts with no objects aside from the F-5E i'm flying. Here's a snapshot of what is happening performance-wise when these drops occur: The mysterious part is that DCS and everything it should need to access is on my SSD 850 Evo Samsung C drive. Incidentally, the E drive is a 2TB HDD, which i use for storage only. Both drives show no errors and are listed in "good" condition when i benchmark them. Any clues as to what might be going on would be greatly appreciated. Thx, Bull
  6. I'm sorry but i've got no idea what to do with that code exactly. Also, I'm not respawning in anything later on in the mission. Update Got it to work by adding the additional line right after the other string.find, and also added another "end" based on the errors i was getting. Here's the working formulation: for name, data in pairs(mist.DBs.groupsByName) do if string.find(name, 'redAD') then -- if redAD is part of the groups name. if string.find(name, 'redAD') and Group.getByName(name) then mist.respawnInZone(name, {'zone_a', 'zone_b', 'zone_c'}) -- end end end Thx again
  7. Hi Grimes, The script works fine except that it seems to be negating the value i put in the % field (the one which determines the chance of that group spawning in the mission or not). Is there a way to get around this? The not knowing which groups will appear is just as important as their location. As it stands now, all groups are appearing no matter how low the value is. Hope this is clear. Thx again.
  8. You're the man, Grimes! This looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. I'll report back once I get a chance to test it out. Thx a bunch.
  9. Hi All - Total noob when it comes to using mist beyond using other people's snippets here and there. The function i'm interested in is mist.respawnInZone So far i know the following works: mist.respawnInZone('redAD', 'zone_a', false) What I'd like to do is have any group with the prefix redAD be called and placed randomly in one of 4 different zones. I'd appreciate any help. thx
  10. Hi Again Bignewy, I isolated the issue to a cursor fix mod i had created some time ago. +1 for your help.
  11. Hi Bignewy - I'm having a similar problem. When hosting in multiplayer Im not seeing any select role screen. Instead, I'm taken to a POV 20ft above the desert floor. Clicking on ESC, then select role, does nothing and the only way to get out is by clicking exit to desktop. I've tried everything you suggest above with no change. Please find my zipped log folder attached. Thx. BTW, it no such issue in 1.5 so I'd assume connectivity has nothing to do with it. Logs.rar
  12. Anyone know why this error would pop up: And here's the bit it's referring to in the above file/line: After clicking popup, everything seems to work fine. Thx
  13. Hi Pikey, What's the error and did you update to the autogft-1_8-standalone?
  14. Hiya Gromit, The feeder concept now seems to be working as advertised. Ty so much for going to the trouble of finding that error. I'll continue testing and prob harassing you with more questions later. :) thx again!
  15. red_base1 is the reinforcement base so there I start with about 12 each of the listed units. red_base2 is the feeder respawning zone so it's got the about 2 each of the same units in red_base1. Control_1 is located within red_base1 ostensibly to resupply it periodically, but i've yet to get this to work. I was working off something you said earlier in this thread: but I'll be damned if i can get it to work. Thx again for your help.
  16. Hi Gromit, The problem occurs when i try to set up a reinforcement zone being fed by a respawning zone. Something like this: autogft_TaskForce:new() :setCountry(country.id.RUSSIA) :addGroup():addUnits(2,"BTR-80") :addGroup():addUnits(2,"Ural-375 ZU-23") :addGroup():addUnits(2,"T-55") :addBaseZone("red_base1") :addControlZone("control_2") :addControlZone("control_3") :setReinforceTimer(600) autogft_TaskForce:new() :addBaseZone("red_base2") :setSpeed(30) :startUsingRoads() :addControlZone("control_1") will make the reinforcement zone not work. The units will either just sit there, or it will begin behaving as a respawn zone. I'm sure there's a simple explanation for this behavior, just not simple enough for me. :) (red_base2 is of course located within control_2 in the above example in order to feed it.) Incidentally, (as discussed above), if I remove the :addUnits command the reinforcement zone WILL simply send everything within the zone on its merry way, but only sometimes. Other times removing the addUnit command doesn't change anything. My goal from this script is to be able to create reinforcement zones, which don't discriminate by unit type, but will merely move units along arriving from various respawn zones i've created. Hope I've explained myself clearly, and thx for your help.
  17. Hi Again gromit, I think i've got my hesitation thing sorted now. Thanks again for the assist. Another quick question for you. I'm using the following script now: autogft_TaskForce:new() :addBaseZone("RED_BASE1") :addControlZone("CONTROL1") :addControlZone("CONTROL2") :addControlZone("CONTROL3") autogft_TaskForce:new() :addBaseZone("BLUE_BASE1") :addControlZone("CONTROL4") :addControlZone("CONTROL5") :addControlZone("CONTROL6") And it's working well except that I'd like to reinforce from an existing pool of idle units instead of respawning and I'd like control of how often that happens. Is there a straightforward way i can easily adapt the above code to do that? thx ------------------------------Update--------------------------- I figured it out and so here's the code in case anyone else could benefit from it. autogft_TaskForce:new() :setCountry(country.id.RUSSIA) :addGroup():addUnits(1,"Ural-375 ZU-23") :addGroup():addUnits(2,"T-55") :addGroup():addUnits(2,"BTR-80") :addBaseZone("red_base1") :addControlZone("control1") :addControlZone("control2") :addControlZone("control3") :setReinforceTimer(600) Usage: Simply make a triggerzone and name it "red_base1" as seen above. Fill it with the above mentioned vehicles, then make 3 more triggers named control1...etc. These triggers will be your new task force's waypoints. Second update: The above code, which worked fine last night, is now respawning units instead of drawing them from the idle groups i have setup within red_base1. Any ideas as to why? I did find that if i remove the "addUnits" command, all units start moving.
  18. Thx for your response, Gromit. First, v 1.7 is all i've ever used. And second, using your script in much the same way in 1.5.5 causes exactly no hesitations whatsoever. Should i try removing the timer commands?
  19. Thanks for this great script. Anyway to mitigate the slight hesitations whenever :setTargetUpdateTimer is called? Does it matter that I'm using it on the NTTR map?
  20. I can verify that the GCI script is working without error again after today's patch.
  21. Go through these charts, Fitness. Both performance and value are put into a very useful context: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/
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