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  1. 1 hour ago, pmiceli said:

    Any airplane flying above 30K handles like crap. Everything is relative so the other guys have having an equally difficult time of it.


     Thx for your reply.  Mustang handles way better up there imo.   As I said above, I can't imagine a premier high alt plane being quite that unstable flying where it was designed to fly.   I get that the air is thinner and that I should expect things to be a bit more bouncy, and that's fine, but it's the degree of instability that leaves me questioning the FM in that regimen.  Thx again.

  2. Hey Guys,


    Just wondering if how the Jug handles at 30K and higher is anywhere close to release state.  Seems to me that the P-47's purpose, especially early on, was to dominate at high altitude against German fighters. That being the case, I simply can't imagine pilots spending hours on bomber escort missions in what, at this point in development, feels a lot like riding a piece of cork bobbing around in rough seas. 


    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  3. Here's what's now happening to both Mav WPN screen and TPOD when looking directly at JTAC smoke + already destroyed targets. It doesn't seem to happen right away, but instead seems to kick in after some targets have been destroyed.


    As you can see, the screen becomes completely useless when looking at the target area. If I slew view away it quickly returns to normal. Others from my squadron have reported the exact same issue.


  4. I've hit a roadblock while trying to set up 2 servers on one machine. The first server works fine, but when I try to run the second one, using the method described above, it logs in fine, but then nothing else happens and I'm left unable to click anywhere until I force dcs to close via task manager. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



    *I can't have it run OK after adding the -w "server name" command. ("C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta Server\bin\DCS.exe" -w server1) It's at that point that it always locks up and won't produce a white screen as it does when I run the default "DCS World OpenBeta Server" shortcut.



    **[sOLVED] I've solved the issue by alt-tabbing into another window and running the webgui from there.

  5. Hi All, The 23rd FIGHTING HAWKS, a DCS Viper squadron, is just starting up and we're looking for people to fill the ranks. We're a bit on the hardcore side to the point that we're developing SOP's directly from the f-16 Multicommand handbooks vol's 3 and 5, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun.


    The ultimate goal of this squadron is to make new friends, learn and have fun by way of having immersive, and realistic multi-flight missions done by the book as much as is possible in a sim.


    If you're a pleasant person, mature, love the Viper and have 2 or so hours a week to give to your passion (addiction) then you should definitely stop by our discord and join in the fun.



  6. Thx, Nhawk. The only issue I have now is that unfortunately, the Dynamic Launch Zone in the Viper (and presumably any other a/c affected by the mod) doesn't accurately reflect the longer ranges your mod implements for the Aim 120, which def intrudes on the BVR experience. Is there any way to address that?



  7. No, manual says only that pilot is risking engine damage when wep is used longer then 5 minutes.

    5 minute mark is only guarantee from manufacture.

    i've read after action reports where pilots were claming that they run WEP for much longer then 5 minute with no damage to the engine.



    I've seen the same, but I'd imagine that when a guy resorts to WEP, there's a good chance that keeping time is the least of his concerns.

  8. TACAN KC130


    Since this last OB update, when trying to change the TACAN in the advanced options menu for the KC130, it keeps reverting back to 1 and the default radio freq reverts back to 251. This seems to be happening only in the Caucasus map and has also affected all my other existing missions on that map as well.

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