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  1. Here's a method I've discovered to get the #2 keypad snapview to look at the entire CDU, compliments of the poster Crash_Fistfight. And I quote: "Ok heres how to change the view angles for the snapviews. Bear in mind that this being a Beta Wags has already stated that modding files is a no no. 1) Back up "DCS A-10C Beta\Config\View" folder. 2) Open DCS A-10C Beta\Config\View\View.lua with notepad++ and set "UseDefaultSnapViews" on line 50 to false, save and exit. 3) Open DCS A-10C Beta\Config\View\Snapviews.lua with notepad++. The A10C has the plane index 11 and the snapview index is the KP_No.+1 so 3 in the case of the CDU. I changed the value of line 970 from 19.something to 29.something which gives a fairly good view of the screen and keyboard." This method works perfectly, and I suspect the same can be done for a good view of the radios, which I too, even with the benefit of Trackir 5, have trouble viewing clearly. Please take Crash's advice and BACKUP the file you are editing, and be sure to use notepad++ (free download) for changing any values. Thanks again Crash for this very useful edit. Kylania: I think you're correct in that eventually we'll be able to customize our views without the necessity of a manual edit.
  2. Working perfectly. Thanks Crash.
  3. I'll take you at your word on that, but in beta 3, waiting to open fire at 3000 ft range all but guarantees you'll take damage. Perhaps it's due to the inability to sneak up on tanks in this sim? Not sure.
  4. If you're doing a high angle dive onto the target, 5000ft above the top of a tank is exactly when you'd want to open up. However, I personally would not dive down hoping to "maybe" acquire a target on the way down. Either I know exactly where he is, or, using the TGP, I'll wait until I do.
  5. Sounds good, but as Beta 3 is currently modeled, the tank's mg would tear you up pretty good before you could pull away. I open up on an MTB (from behind, ideally) from 1 nm and push the attack UNTIL i'm at .5 nm at which time I'll do a hard out of plane turn away from target. It'll be nice when the tanks are correctly modeled to take damage from a greater stand-off distance as they would irl.
  6. I've done this type of post elsewhere, but here's a reference of about what you'd see from 1 nautical mile above. I know visual acuity varies from person to person, but in my experience this seems like a pretty accurate depiction. Do you really think you could see an infantryman from this slant range? I'd say you'd have your hands full finding a tank from this distance let alone a single manpad toting individual.
  7. Frederf: Thanks, it's sorted. Silly me had for some reason unchecked the Z axis in the trackir calibration screen.
  8. I assigned the Z axis on my TrackIr 5 to the in game zoom axis under controls and it doesn't seem to do anything. It works fine in the Trackir software, as do all the others axes. Any ideas?
  9. Would be nice to see the FreeBirds re-emerge for A10C. Vulture? Mitch?
  10. Good stuff, Chelco. Thanks.
  11. Pegaso: First, your English is fine. Perfectly understandable. Second, and perhaps more importantly, your attitude is excellent. You're curious and excited about this sim (as am I), and you're always respectful of other posters. A fine addition to the community in my opinion. Keep asking away, as I learn quite a bit from the answers your questions provoke.
  12. Thanks for your responses as disappointing as they turned out to be. It's pretty (un)immersive to see an orange cross floating out over the terrain or in front of the tgp scope. Here's hoping someone takes heed.
  13. Hi All: I'm not sure if this is an issue or not, and it could very well be attributable to my specific setup. When I first get into the 3d world i can see a normal white mouse pointer icon in the center of the cockpit. If i move the mouse around a bit it will turn either green or an orangey color depending on what it's hovering over. The problem is that this pointer stays visible even when I'm not touching the mouse. As a long time Falcon 4 enthusiast, I'm used to the pointer icon disappearing a second or two after I've moved the mouse. I'm currently on a Samsung laptop, but using an external 24" ASUS monitor and external logitech mouse. Also, I use a Saitek X52 pro and a Trackir 5. I'd appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction to resolving this issue as it's rather annoying having to keep moving the pointer icon out of the way to see what I'm doing. Thanks.
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