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  1. Hi all, I have been using an Obutto "cockpit" for a number of years and am getting a HP Reverb G2 shortly. Was just wondering how you VR guys, without the option of a swiveling chair, check six in a dogfight. Thx
  2. Hi Yo-Yo, I'm definitely not trying to suggest that flight characteristics shouldn't change for the worse as altitude increases, because I know they do, no matter which air frame we're discussing. What I'm arguing is that to my understanding, these characteristics, i.e., roll rate, handling in a turn, etc, should not be degrading to the level they are in the current build based on the flight testing data i've provided and anecdotal evidence (not as compelling I'd agree, but still worthy of examination). Thx for your response.
  3. hi Grafspee, In his book, Johnson (27 kill ACE) discusses in more than a few places how his P-47 handled at high altitude. He specifically talks about how nothing rolls better and about how up there, he's able to maneuver sharply when it's required. When I'm up at 30K, the Jug doesn't roll very well at all and seems to really struggle in the turn beyond what Johnson gives the sense of in his book. Then there's this: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p47-26167.html This is obviously not the case with our Jug. Not yet anyway.
  4. After reading "Thunderbolt!: The P-47," Fighter Ace, Robert Johnson's autobiography, I'm more sure than ever that high altitude handling of the Jug is way off. In his book, Johnson goes into detail about how the Jug flew when as high as Angels 35, and none of it squares with what we have right now.
  5. Hi Art, being doing both since Day 1.
  6. Thx for your reply. Mustang handles way better up there imo. As I said above, I can't imagine a premier high alt plane being quite that unstable flying where it was designed to fly. I get that the air is thinner and that I should expect things to be a bit more bouncy, and that's fine, but it's the degree of instability that leaves me questioning the FM in that regimen. Thx again.
  7. Hey Guys, Just wondering if how the Jug handles at 30K and higher is anywhere close to release state. Seems to me that the P-47's purpose, especially early on, was to dominate at high altitude against German fighters. That being the case, I simply can't imagine pilots spending hours on bomber escort missions in what, at this point in development, feels a lot like riding a piece of cork bobbing around in rough seas. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. Hey Fakum, hope you're well! We've added an A10C II squadron to our group. https://discord.gg/yHSat4q
  9. Latest on this? Just got the A10C II and the TGP/Mav screen are mostly unusable if there's smoke around. Same with the Viper. None of the workarounds seem to consistently work.
  10. Tried those Heat Blur and Chimney smoke settings and still have the same issue.
  11. Here's what's now happening to both Mav WPN screen and TPOD when looking directly at JTAC smoke + already destroyed targets. It doesn't seem to happen right away, but instead seems to kick in after some targets have been destroyed. As you can see, the screen becomes completely useless when looking at the target area. If I slew view away it quickly returns to normal. Others from my squadron have reported the exact same issue.
  12. I've hit a roadblock while trying to set up 2 servers on one machine. The first server works fine, but when I try to run the second one, using the method described above, it logs in fine, but then nothing else happens and I'm left unable to click anywhere until I force dcs to close via task manager. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. *I can't have it run OK after adding the -w "server name" command. ("C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta Server\bin\DCS.exe" -w server1) It's at that point that it always locks up and won't produce a white screen as it does when I run
  13. Same problem here. Lights were hard enough to see before this patch.
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