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  1. try rendering in windows media video 2 codec, it'll still take 4-5 hrs but the file size will be about 500mb at 100% quality & 30fps settings. I think any rendered file thats over 2gb is un readable
  2. Hi Yea i have used fraps, but the in game avi renderer gives much better quality even tho it takes a while to render. Ive just started trying to make these "movies" & tried a few different types of compression codecs, mpeg2 seems to be about the best for near lossless compression a 30min track rendered to 450mb file size at 100% quality & 30fps. Compared with Windows Media Video9 codec a 15min track rendered to 385mb file size at 25% quality & 25fps. Disadvantage of using the mpeg2 codec is once you start to render an avi you cant use your pc, seems evey window you open, every po
  3. Hi After recording an AVI using the in game renderer where does lockon save the renderedound file? I cant find it, anyone know?? Thanks
  4. Thx for the feedback :) Working on movie #2 now, should be a bit more refined. I'll post a link in here when its done.
  5. :redface: Ok I missunderstood...i get it now ;)
  6. OK cool, so now I know how to release it cheers for that...but do you think it should still remain fully inflated when the plane is stopped? surley is a bug? in real life it would drop to the ground no? Example in my vid here: http://www.la15mary3.com/movies/su25t_ship_strike.wmv right click & save target as.
  7. Lmao, I aggree, HL is dead for lockon atm...IL2 is packed....mebe theyre in there :icon_jook
  8. not sure if this it the place to post for movies...hope so This is my first movie, I used vegas 6.0, seems pretty cool. right click & "save target as" http://www.la15mary3.com/movies/su25t_ship_strike.wmv enjoy.
  9. Noticed this in FC V1.1, think its a bug. Not sure if this one has been posted so i'll mention it anyway. Aircraft: SU-25T Upon landing I deployed the drag chute (p), the chute deploys but wont release at all (i think it should detach automatically at 50-60kph), even when the plane is completley stopped the chute is flapping around like there was a 150kt wind in it. Also during a colision on runway that almost destroyed the aircraft, the drag chutes were still in remarkable condition & flapping around like they had helium in them :) Otherwise the sim rocks!!
  10. I'm dying here waiting for these FC payment issues to be resolved, I have credit card ready to go, I've been checking this forum twice a day...please how long before Verisign is up & running guys?
  11. Hey thanks Kilsek, I tried that "salvo mode" & it fires a single rocket on the first launch, then two rockets on the second launch & a single on the third launch etc, seems to alternate between one & two. Of course this is with two launchers attached in loadout, will have to try it with single launcher & see if i can get one per shot. Good progress though :D Cheers.
  12. Thanks for that info, I tried it again & your right about the dumb bombs, but im still firing atleast 2 rockets per launch, I see in the indicator in the lower left corner of the hud says 2/4 (if WP) or 2/16 (if LAU-61) even if weapon mode is set to single fire & ripple qty is set to one. So it looks too me like they can only be fired in this configuration, otherwise its a bug...im not sure, maybe i should submit a bug report.
  13. Hope im posting in the correct place... I want to fire the LAU-61 WP [smoke] rockets from hard point 2 in single fire. i.e. one at a time. I select Hard point 2 in A/G mode (Aircraft is A-10) then select Weapon release mode to either "sgl" or "rpl sgl" & ripple quantity is "01" even increase the ripple interval but still two rockets leave the launcher when I fire. Ive tried various weapon modes & ripple quantities but still cant get them to launch one at a time. Is there something im missing here? or can it not be done? Appreciate your help. Cheers Adder.
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