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  1. The gear sound in FC2 is not as loud as 1.12b but i think this goes for all external sounds heard from within the pit. Supposed to be more realistic to the true environment. Maybe turn ur volume up, see if you notice it then. edit: try turning you base up, some of the new sounds are heavy base, low frequency
  2. Hi I want to disable the camera terrain restriction in FC2 so i can get low angle views of A/C but cant find a reference to it in the server.lua file. In 1.12b this is where you would make the true/false adjustment. I see "camera angle restriction" is this what i need to change? if so how? Cheers Adder
  3. Distiler, you are dead right mate. Problem solved! Thanks very much for your help, i can sleep at night now :D I was confused in the training missions menu because the mssion title just said "MIG-29". The variants are not stated.
  4. Rik, yes i know i need a different profile for each A/C. Distiler, i have no axis comands mapped in the Saitek SST software profile, all axis commands are mapped in the game controller GUI and saved in my MIG-29 profile. What stick are you using? if its X45 and the above missions are working for you, then i can discount a mission config/input error. If the throttle didnt work at all in any mission i could see the problem being a software conflict, but it works fine in some. Very strange, its like certain missions are missing instructions for the X45. If you look in C:\Program Files\Eagl
  5. After some more testing i think its a mission specific config problem, prehaps in the config/input parser folder? With my MIG-29 profile active I went through all the training missions for MIG-29 and found that the throttle and rotaries only worked in 2 out of the 6 missions. Ground controlled intercept.miz =ok Ramp start and NAV.miz =ok A/A Weapons training.miz =no go A/G Weapons training.miz =no go Sensor practice.miz =no go UAV Intercept.miz =no go Also of the two online MP servers i joined, both were no go for throttle and rotaries. I can live wi
  6. Why would this be? Ok, I did some more testing. I find that the throttle and rotaries on my x45 ONLY work in missions that i build or ramp start missions that ED made from the mission menu. Anything else, even MP missions where i join a server, the throttle and rotaries do not work (the rudder control is working). Why would rudder work but not throttle or rotaries? As mentioned above i use an SST profile but all axis commands are set in the controller GUI, see pic below. ED testers can you please give me a clue where to begin here, I want to get into this sim but this crap is holding back
  7. Im having a controller issue in some of the prebuilt missions. So far i have only tried the MIG-29 and SU-25 Missions. Im using Saitek X45 and have made 2 profiles with the SST software instead of using the in game setup because i had issues with mode switch. When i make a basic mission in the editor, the controller works fine (throttle, stick and all inputs), however if i load up an existing "ED" mission from the mission folder my throttle and rotaries will not work, throttle hat switch "D" button and mini mouse are all ok. If i load up the ramp start and nav missions for the MIG-29 o
  8. Im getting blue screen of death when i load sst profile. The profile is a new blank as described above, with one column only and "no buttons" selected. Has anyone come accross this yet? why would it do this, i have latest drivers from saitek installed and all in game saitek control column an modifiers are clear of inputs.
  9. Thanks for the fast reply Turco, will try it again and post back. Cheers Adder
  10. Are you able to clarify this procedure a little more please. Ill explain whats happening at my end. I have Saitek X45. With the profile editor i open a new blank profile and delete all of the columns including the shift columns (pinkie) then save the profile as random name. I then assign the profile and load up FC2. The mode switch is now recognised in FC2 and i assign the mode button numbers to thier respective switches, but there is a problem. eg In game i switch to mode 2 and yes controls for that mode are working, however, when i switch to mode 1 or 3 the mode 2 controls are s
  11. Possible bug with audio upon very hard landing Hi, I dont think this one has been reported yet, sorry if it has. This "bug" occourred in the SU-25T Ramp start and Nav mission. After hard landing with main gear collapsed, nose wheel tyre popped and large fire at rear of A/C, the LOUD CLUNKING noise that you can hear while in F2 external view does not stop, even after aircraft has come to complete stop and both engines have spooled down to zero rpm. Even after i eject it still goes on. Possibly the sound is audio for the damage, it does sound like debris in the turbine or metal on ta
  12. GUI Controller input does not recognise X45 Mode switch. Im trying to setup a profile for the SU-25 in the GUI, i have read about the key modifiers and switches and most controls i set are working ok. The problem is the GUI wont recognise the mode switch on my X45 throttle as a switch/key at all. For example, usually in FC 1.1 my left engine start (r.alt hm) & right engine start (r.ctrl hm) are assigned to my stick buttons 1 & 2, but only in mode 2, which is my NAV mode. Now with FC2 the mode switch is not recognised so this input will occur in every mode i.e AA AG and NAV. Also i
  13. How do i migrate my old fc1.12 profile to fc2? do i manually have to type the key commands from the pdf to my x45 profile in the saitek profile editor?
  14. Make sure you havent switched the laser range finder on too early, it will turn itself off after about 2min because it overheats, then you have to wait a few minuites more before it become active again.
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