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  1. I promised to keep you posted so here it is: No crashes since CPU cleanup - and CPU is staying lower than 75C. I don't know if emptying the C:\Users\my_name\AppData\Local\Temp|\DCS.Openbeta helped - but it sure didn't hurt.
  2. OK I’m not sure what did it but I emptied appdata/local/temp AND dusted off the CPU (GPU was clean but CPU was choked!) so far Im crash free for the last 8 missions. thanx for the support I’ll keep yall posted SB11
  3. Yes I have, it’s just a guess but, can it be a CPU overheating that causes the crashes? I have an i7 9700 SB11
  4. just tried COD on max setting. Got to 77c and didn't crash. Wonder why DCS puts so much stress on the system..? SB11
  5. Are you sure it's not heat related? All crashes occur on max temp... SB11
  6. dcs.20210108-084139.log This is the last one: dcs.20210108-084139.log
  7. No. can't find this line in my last crashlog SB11 Not that I'm aware of.... Will try that too... Thanx SB11
  8. "Unfortunately DCS crashed" attached is MSI afterburner print screen of GPU temp
  9. OK thanx. Reverting to 460.79 right now. Let's so how it goes. SB11
  10. Thanx Flappie I know two of this thread because I've been there before. Thing is my previous crashes were solved after an update... my PSU is not faulty, SSLR was no problem, and I'm not OC GPU, CPU or RAM. rig was dusted 2 weeks ago. Crashes became frequent after the last update. right now DCS is unplayable for me as every mission (in the Caucuses, Persian Golf or Syria with the F-18, F-14, F-16) ends with a crash, sometimes after 5 minutes sometimes after 20, sometimes after 45. Totally random. haven't had these kind of crashes in a long time - and now it came back BIG TIME.
  11. OK hope this helps: dcs.20210104-171544.log
  12. Hi, I keep getting CTD with all modules after the last update the crash happen for no apparent reason it's random and happens sometimes after few minutes and sometimes after half an hour, sometimes not at all, nut the crashlogs look quite the same: anyone has a clue? SB11
  13. Can't get a multiple shot. I followed Grim Reapers tutorial to the letter. With 2 G's - one on each rail, I tried AUTO and MAN handoffs, got two tgt circles on the HUD, press release button - The two circles disappear and only one missile comes off the rail and hits the target. Only one. What am I doing wrong? SB11 out
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