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  1. One thing to keep in mind is, that a track does record initial environment setup, settings and most importantly for the player/client the controls input. Replay is actually the same mission starting then feeding those recorded inputs into the simulation. Any kind of update to the flight model, the use of dynamic weather, changes to environmental behavior, etc. can and often will cause the recorded inputs to generate issues when replayed after those changes. Any hickup or missed input, either during recording, or replay (often caused by time acceleration) are likely to break the replay.
  2. StreamDeck nutzt du üblicherweise über die Tastaturemulation (Taste auf StreamDeck drückt quasi Taste auf dem Keyboard). Das heißt du bewegst die Throttle in Schritten, was nicht ganz so cool ist, wie eine analoge Achse. Es wird aber in jedem Fall funktionieren.
  3. What we desperately need is people and more diverse civilian vehicles! Especially a mix of the same/similar models for Insurgents and civilians that come ARMED and UNARMED(!). This together with the neutral faction would enable the creation of realistic COunterINsurgency scenarios, where Rules Of Engagement are a real factor, instead of the usual, if it moves, kill it and general lack of civilians that require thorough decision making and reducing potential risk to non-combatants. -Small 90ies 4x4 "Technical" armed with Dshka/.50 Cal - Small 90ies 4x4 Pick-up truck UNARMED
  4. Dann hast du aber nur eine umständlichere Variable mit Namen "ME109", also trigger.action.setUserFlag("ME109", 1) statt varME109 = true (oder 1). trigger.action.setUserFlag brauchst du ja genau, um eine "Variable" mit einem boolean oder Zahlenwert im ME auswerten zu können, ohne eine lua condition zu schreiben. Ich meine es gab eine begrenzte Anzahl UserFlags (999 ?) die im ME genutzt werden können... hmm, wäre mal ein Vorschlag UseFlag im ME mit Namen versehen zu können.
  5. Well, you can turn NWS off with it, but paddle switch is also "autopilot disengage" and emergency fcs override...
  6. Nice! Corsair is pretty iconic.
  7. Works fine for me. Check the Keybinds, trimmer mode settings in Special Options UH-1H, maybe?
  8. IIRC that is the reason why restart requires a minimum altitude... and that was quite high. Aerodynamics and weight of the AV-8B is more pointing towards a glide path of a brick, than a glider.
  9. So what is unrealistic with hiding all(!) units from the F10 map (setting F10 Map to "Map only")? It is one of the possible setting in the mission editor and the F10 map is actually just that, a map. Now, you need to use data link, radar and comms to share enemy sightings with human players. Personally I tend to leave static objects like SAM sites or outposts visible (stuff you would expect to be on a map by you daily intellgence briefing). It is actually pretty simple to adjust DCS' realism level to everybody's preference. Edit: and AI is actually calling out air and ground uni
  10. Not at all. Usually they are intended mostly to be lased by a JTAC, or aerial platform that can stay "on target" without flying into the enemies weapon envelope, while lasing. DCS Singleplayer often promotes a "lone wolf" playstyle, instead of a more realistic integrated battlefield. APKWS for the UH-1H would be cool. Especially with the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior on the horizon and the A-10C II, F/A-18C and F-16C with their TGPs getting popular...
  11. The problem isn't just about "potential hazard" in terms of electricity (as a USB powered device isn't really "that" dangerous). The CE certification proofs confirmity to multiple regulations, like health and safety and environmental. Is the soldering using lead? Can the wiring cause damage or harm to people and equipment? Etc. In the end it boils down to the legal part, where customs can simply confiscate your expensive new toy, because it does not conform to import regulations and that's the end of it. If that is worth the risk, is up to everyone to decide for himself. I
  12. I had this happen to me a decade ago, when I started with the A-10C. Very similar setup, long dive, trying to keep the nose on target and inadvertently dried out the feed tanks... 0G means no gravity pulling the fuel down. If this happens for over 10 sec. Your engines can run dry. A gentle push on the stick to keep the nose from rising produces enough constant G forces below .5 G to give you trouble. I learned to trim before I roll into the dive and keep the TVV below the target and keep a constant slight pull on the stick.
  13. Agree, these Orchards/Plantation shouldn't block tanks or vehicles. It breaks most missions relying on ground forces advancing or moving into zones. The best way would be of course to have perfect pathfinding, but until we get there just making the orchards "passable" would solve this issue.
  14. Jo, gefunden. NASA F-14, tail number 991.
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