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  1. That's the one... Close up of impact at 0:55 min. And that's not HE, it seems. https://youtu.be/BJMdVIyf4Oo
  2. What I said:"at least in arid areas" ...and there is a video around showing A-10C gun practice on a range in the US with muddy ground and a little snow, that shows an astonishing amount of dirt/smoke, still. At least the currently modeled "smoke and dust" is by no means exaggerated. The explosion effects of the HE rounds look quite realistic, as well.
  3. ...and that's what it looks like with a building. https://youtu.be/Iy9VPTWyLh0
  4. We need lots more dust kicking up and lingering longer to look more realistic... Well, at least in arid areas. https://youtu.be/qiHpYZen-oY
  5. There is a hard edge on the deck or buildings, so the air creates a turbulence on the edge, no "gradual" cussion. A slope is even worse, as it reflects the air away in an angle so there is no compression from air pushing "up"... the airflow simply dissipates at an angle.
  6. Try to visualize what happens with the air in ground effect. If you move over the deck or a roof, etc. the part of the rotor disc not over the "obstacle" produces no ground effect (compressed air), while the other half does, as soon as it pushes enough air down that can't move aside. That effect should imbalance the helo quickly and quite pronounced, I guess.
  7. Ah, makes sense now. "No plans"...
  8. I still would like a link. The only comment I found was related to another topic of improving tanker AI and update the procedures... And that was not a "no", but a "it is planned, but is a huge task so take a while". I also have a total different feedback from someone else, so I'm really interested to see that official answer from ED. From my experience it is mostly a matter of ressource constraints, time and priority, but rarely an outright rejection, if it comes to improving the sim and make it accessible. Mind I am talking about individual accessibility options in terms of le
  9. Where? And who? Any link? Really curious here...
  10. I just pointed out 0.17 percent of 119,000 isn't a majority. The fact that single players are not represented on the forums and would benefit the most from the options, makes the "majority" claim even further questionable. If you know anything about statistics you should know what the difference between a biased group and representative group is. If you ask people on a car tuning forum to vote pro/con a tempo limit or raising fines for driving offenses the result likely is a bit biased and not representative of "car drivers" in general. But let's leave it at that we argue i
  11. That's if you have a representative group. Here we have a tiny group of naysayers out of a fraction of the actual customers. The majority of DCS players play single player and would likely benefit from that assistance, but most of these player types are not present on this forum. The vocal minority tends to be the hardcore flightsuimulation (competitive) Multiplayer group that is far more active on the forum than the majority of forum members. So likely the "majority" isn't "indifferent", maybe they haven't seen the poll, or are not regularly browsing the wishlist threads like we flightsim ner
  12. Auto rudder is necessary for people who don't have functioning legs or have no rudder pedals. That's why auto rudder was implemented, as you need to compensate the torque, slipstream etc. Take-off assist is similar to what I would propose for AAR an adjustment of the contact box maybe something like an adjustable magnetic tether that supports station keeping, but still have you disconnect when you are way too fast/slow or fight the stick. That way you could manage your first couple contacts, get a feel and visual for the approach, station keeping and when you get a bit of consis
  13. The point is less than 200 out of over 119,000 people is a fraction (0.17 percent), not a majority... And that is only forum members. The majority of DCS players is not even represented on the forum.
  14. It only shows that about 200(?) forum members out of more than 119,000 noticed the poll and voted no. That doesn't even account for the majority of single players that don't have a forum account at all...
  15. That's when they simply press LWIN+Pos1 and watch the plane start itself. Though it has its disadvantages like taking longer than manual or not setting weapons, sometimes make you forget something (switch TGP to STBY), but it is available. And honestly, I use it regularly when testing while mission building, or when translating and checking stuff, or simply because we had a server crash on us in MP multiple times and I need to take a bathroom break after 50 min of "start ups". Assists like "Rudder Assist" for physically impaired people or even guys that can't afford more than a simpl
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