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  1. Is this how they are jettisoned in real life?!
  2. I noticed after the latest updates performance has decreased quite a bit.
  3. Habu, regarding Operation Bactria, if I create a new flight, lets say a Hornet flight off of the Super Carrier, will the aircraft trigger the random missions by simply intercepting the trigger zones set by you, or is that specific only to the flights you created?

  4. Any response from Habu23? I modified the most recent Operation Bactria as well, made it very Hornet-centric for my wing (CVW-8). Quick question, if I create additional flights, as long as they intercept the trigger zone at each IP, will it set off the random missions/ voiceovers, or is that specific to the flights Habu23 created?
  5. This may be correct as is, so if someone from ED can confirm or not that would be awesome. When setting my afterburner ratio on my Winwing throttle, I tested everything out and noticed when I went full afterburner, the nozzles indicated 60%. I was under the impression the nozzles should indicate 100% in full afterburner. Additionally, RPMs never indicate more than 100%, which is correct I believe. Fuel flow, as indicated in the attached screen shot shows 26.7.
  6. Tonight the wing I belong to flew a long range deep strike. My flight, the strike flight, dropped 8 GBU-16’s in auto-lase from 30K. All aircraft had individual laser codes set into the Stores profile and in the TGP. We each armed our lasers. We dropped on moving SCUD launchers. All bombs missed...Is there anyone with similar problems? Was 30,000 too high? A review of tacview indicated the releases were kinetic, did not appear to track any laser. The last two were dropped manual guided by laser the moment bombs left the pylons.
  7. I reported this as well, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.
  8. Issues here as well. Autolase didn’t work, so I armed trig and manually lased, next one missed too. That is with me firing the laser the moment I pickled. Interesting enough, LTD arm switch didn’t reset.
  9. This is from doppler effect. Try scanning from an offset azimuth.
  10. This doesn’t always happen, but it happens.
  11. For the love of god, please fix the AMRAAMs. Firing at a 28-25 mile timeline. I have had several AIM-120C's 'Lost' off the rails. Watched tacview, and although the missiles were fired at an TWS L&S lock, the AI aircraft immediately went defensive, spewing chaff and flares galore and performing expert 2-ship defensive tactics. Last time I checked, the AI aircraft should not know a missile was fired in TWS until the missile is guiding itself (Pitbull). I think part of the AIM-120C's issue with hitting targets is attributed to AI's unrealistic defensive edge as far as getting 20 seconds notic
  12. I have been noticing the majority of AIM-120C shots are failing to hit their targets. Firing from standard F/A-18C BVR timeline 28-25 mile timeline in TWS, notching and supporting to pitbull. When reviewing Tacview, I have noticed AI are going defensive the moment the missile comes of the rails, spewing endless chaff and flares and performing expert defensive tactics. Part of the problem here is the AI should not be going defensive immediately, in fact they should not even get a missile warning when the missile is fired and supported in TWS until the missile is in self guidance (pitbull), whic
  13. I’ve made the same post receiving over 87 replies with trackfiles of people experiencing the same exact problem with ED’s response: “CANNOT REPRODUCE.” https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/bugs-aa/291163-can-not-reproduce-issues-with-agm-65e-and-tgp
  14. Looks like this mod is not IC compliant after this latest OB update.
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