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  1. It was always “Later in EA,” however the new rumor is that amongst other features such as some radar modes are no longer going to happen.
  2. This is a great photographic source: https://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VFA-squadrons.htm
  3. Do use Reshade or any shader edit apps? If so, can you provide a link to your preset?
  4. In the latest openbeta update, I lost control bindings for external light on/off, strobe lights, and flashlight brightness. As indicated in the picture I attached, I have set values for these specific controls, however they still do not work in the sim.
  5. Latest update. I am using the Winwing Taurus Hornet throttle. I lost my pinkly light switch and strobe switch bindings after update. Orange in menu and can't change.
  6. Yeah would be nice to get everything polished up to be as realistic as possible.
  7. Some stuff can’t be 100% realistic due to security reasons.
  8. It will be here this year some with that, the ECM pod update, and the TAD update, this will be a 100% jet, I don’t think anything in DCS can say that yet.
  9. Was flipping through this thread, WOW this is some amazing work! Looking forward to seeing this in the A-10C II!
  10. For me it is nice, all user preference I guess. I use the latest head/neck position mod w/ trackir and I feel like I am sitting in the cockpit. The only disadvantage would come in the merge during ACM for sure, that's where VR makes its money.
  11. I just wrote it in the lua. Channel 2, works like a charm.
  12. I used these quite a bit. ED have stepped up their sound effects, and this mod doesn’t blend too well with other Hornet sounds.
  13. Awesome thanks! What is the ICLS channel for the ILS? I'm flying the Hornet...
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