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  1. For the love of god, please fix the AMRAAMs.
  2. I have been noticing the majority of AIM-120C shots are failing to hit their targets. Firing from standard F/A-18C BVR timeline 28-25 mile timeline in TWS, notching and supporting to pitbull. When reviewing Tacview, I have noticed AI are going defensive the moment the missile comes of the rails, spewing endless chaff and flares and performing expert defensive tactics. Part of the problem here is the AI should not be going defensive immediately, in fact they should not even get a missile warning when the missile is fired and supported in TWS until the missile is in self guidance (pitbull), whic
  3. I’ve made the same post receiving over 87 replies with trackfiles of people experiencing the same exact problem with ED’s response: “CANNOT REPRODUCE.” https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/bugs-aa/291163-can-not-reproduce-issues-with-agm-65e-and-tgp
  4. Looks like this mod is not IC compliant after this latest OB update.
  5. Follow up to this thread, I notice when I enter 82% in the Winwing App for AB Ratio, when I'm in DCS I can move the throttle a good 3-4mm before the in game throttle moves at all. Is this correct? When I have it set to the default AB ratio of 75%, it moves immediately.
  6. Forgive me for the confusion: My Rx Axis at afterburner lighting: 11296. I subtracted 11296 from 65535 which equals 54239. Using https://www.calculator.net/percent-calculator.html 54239 is 82.763% of 65535. Should I round that out to 83%?
  7. I have reported this, however have not been able to produce a track because it doesn’t occur everytime. May be dependent on the map, and other specific factors, however this is an issue making night strike missions almost impossible.
  8. This is why I haven’t been able to produce a track. It always happens until the moment i try to record a track.
  9. There is definitely something wrong with the AGM-65E.
  10. davidzill


    Yeah I finally got ahold of them yesterday.
  11. davidzill


    I finally got ahold of one of their stateside reps. We may have ordered when they were out of stock, but the order still processed. We’ll have to wait until their next restock .
  12. What is WinWing's discord channel?
  13. I ordered a throttle on the 12th, have received order confirmation, however no shipping information. I emailed Winwing a few times, and even sent the company messages via their Facebook page, all with no response. Does anyone know how to get ahold of them?
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