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  1. Looking at the KC-130 model in ModelViewer, there is a connector called "Extension" (for drogue1 and extension002 for drogue2). That moves when extending the hoses (arguments 42 for drogue1 and 71 for drogue2). I understand that drogue1 and drogue2 would be the point of contact (theoretically, because their position does not coincide with the one assigned in the lua). We also have Rotation (Rotation002 for drogue2). Which seems to be the "center" of the vertical and horizontal movement (arguments 43 and 44 for drogue1, 72-73 for drogue2). Does anyone know what the "Extension" an
  2. Hello, does anybody know how to make that, when I put the player's f-18 in the air, when launching the mission, it appears with the automatic pilot in baro? I have tried the A/P and Pushbutton #3 clickable cockpit action but it doesn't work for me. Thank you very much
  3. Dentro de Mods\Tech\Supercarrier\Doc\ está el manual del supercarrier en español :-)
  4. Hi JagHond, sorry I'm late, I think I misunderstood you, you don't have the KC-10 Drogue in the unit list? If so, edit the "entry.lua" file and remove the -- from in front of dofile (current_mod_path..'/KC_10_ExtenderD.lua') With this, you'll get both KC-10s on the unit list Greetings
  5. Winwing, yes pleaseeeeeee :joystick::joystick:
  6. For the drogue version: Original= [1] = { pos = {-45.63, -6.400, 0.964}, clientType = 3 },--Drogue Mod= [1] = { pos = {-45.629715, -5.764524, 0.964002}, clientType = 3 },--Drogue The problem is when you turn the tank, it moves the " coupling " zone, but if you keep turning, you keep the contact
  7. Continuing to "investigate" I have managed to get the boom of the KC-10 to connect in position, the problem is when the KC-10 enters a turn, it moves. I've modified this line of the lua: Inside refueling_points: [1] = { pos = {-34.096214, -11.485015, 0.000052}, clientType = 3 } (original [1] = { pos = {-34,096, -11,485, 0}, clientType = 3 },--BOOM) Attached image (refueling in a straight line)
  8. Regarding the "failure" of the KC-10 (drogue version) Seen in Modelviewer2, (comparing with the KC-135MPRS) in "Connector tool plugin" the KC-10 has animated the boom + nodes (AIR_REFUELING_BOOM) , and the KC-135MPRS does not (only Drogue1 and Drogue2). I don't know if this will help. I have tried to remove the AIR_REFUELING_BOOM connector from the KC-10_D but have not been able to. Maybe you have already tried it but to help
  9. azzameen

    F-5E re-WORK

    will you share the psd ??? (Template) the F5 is spectacular with that work !!!!
  10. And the Spanish A400 number 31-21. Skins ready for the A400 (TK.23) tanker :music_whistling::music_whistling::music_whistling: Spanish 31-21.zip
  11. the A400 will have a tanker version ?? (spanish texture in progress :-))
  12. Hi, I don't know what happened, but without touching anything, the lights work, sorry for the "false alarm"
  13. Is the model or mod available? I'm looking for a 707 to make the texture of the Spanish 707 Thanks you!
  14. Hi, I've changed the color of the texture of the propellers (Spanish P3s have yellow tips). I have also noticed that the P3 has no lighting (no position, no landing gear and no anti-collision), checking the file P3C_Orion.lua there are lights, and inside ModelViewer2 you can see the nodes (only landing gear light and white tail light). I imagine that we will have to touch the 3D model to adjust the missing positions, but I don't know what can happen to the landing gear and the tail light. Thanks you!!! Spanish P3M Orion + prop yellow.rar
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