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  1. I had to notice i have the same issue. Lowering water resolution i don't suffer of any more CTD. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers
  2. :huh: I didn't even remember it was me who started the tread :music_whistling: :music_whistling: ... Thank you very much!!! :doh:
  3. Hi, I can't find the thread where this issue has been ironed out: many times, as I pass to ext views, they begins to roll and don't stop at all, as if a keyboard key was depressed countinously. Can you help me please? Thanks
  4. Thank you, I made it :-) It was not necessary to declassify the campaign, since I can edit the loadout as well. I think this mis was built without sams able to shoot at A2G weapons, so in the beginning it was easier... maybe... Now a different payload is a must... for an average pilot of course :)
  5. Hi all, I can't get through mis#11 "Blinding". I have played :joystick: one zillion times, and always ended up with my wingman shot down by Patriots. If he doesn't survive, I don't think I'll be able to reach the mission objectives. If he dies, and he always does :cry: , to reach my objectives I need to get too close to enemy airbase to survive multiple launches from Avengers, Hawks and Patriots. Some tips are welcome Cheers
  6. Between Italian Typhoon, F16 & AMX and the wonderful Hungarian Mig-29. Great pictures taken by our teammate 150GCT_Fotovis. Enjoy them :holiday: http://www.150gct.it/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=thumbnails&album=34
  7. I'm practicing :joystick: CCRP mode using either the Skhval system or not using it at all. It seems that the system on board is able to comput the trajectory once you choose to drop your ordnance through the help of only Hud but, should you choose to turn on the TV monitor to make a pinpoint strike, you need also to lase on your target (not only lock it on), otherwise your on board system won't drop the bombs. If it is so, I don't understand why you are compelled to turn on your laser since without TV your system is able to drop the ordnance. Cheers
  8. Hi folks! a few pic I'd like to share, taken by 150GCT_Fotovis (a friend of mine) during a visit to 50° Stormo in San Damiano Air Base (Piacenza - Italy) hope u like them
  9. Could it be related to Nod32 antivirus or Windows XP firewall? Nobody has ever experienced something similar?
  10. It happened twice in HL tonight. First time I was yet in the game and had to rejoin, second time server kicked me back to HL. I have never experienced a CTD offline so I think it is related to online gaming. I had no lag and the game was smooth. I was even able to outmanouver Sams :megalol: My connection speed was 128/128 and Server name was =RAF=Dedicated. maybe it's something in my settings, really don't know :huh:
  11. I ran out of flares, but couldn't find any light in my cockpit :(
  12. Well, that's something to begin with indeed :unsure:
  13. ... in Su25/Su25T: is there any at all? Can't find it inside cockpit.... :detective_2:
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