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  1. 100%. The current Jester elevation scan options make it difficult to search up or down without a human RIO. For example the +/- 30, +/- 16 seem to be useful in only limited cases. And the scan at range/altitude is number of levels down the Jester wheel (time consuming).
  2. After a week of trying your advice. I have had really good luck running the G2 without controllers. Basically I don't go into the WMR or Steam VR portal at all and haven't had constant out of focus. Not having having the controllers disconnect has reduced distractions and hiccups.
  3. I run the G2 on a 5800X, 32 GB and 2080 ti. The last couple months I have mostly played multiplayer. I do set G2 resolution down to 78% and run a mix of High/low settings with MSAA at x2. At the merge I do not have the issues you describe. The worst performance I have is on the supercarrier where framerate will drop below 45 (usually 30-40). Even on complex servers with lots of AI units I usually am able to get back to 45 fps once away from the supercarrier. At 78% SS I find the resolution considerably better than the Rift S which I used for about year running at SS of 1.5 in OTT.
  4. Tom, Thanks for the help. Do have any tips for when the DCS does go out of focus. I have the DCS VR setting that keeps the mouse inside active window and I still get out focus about once every hour. A couple other times it looses focus is when I join a multiplayer server and the SRS auto-connect pops up I then need to tab into the desktop select yes and then tab back.
  5. Has anyone had any luck utilizing the G2 with WMR and Steam VR without needing to use the controller? I find I always need to power up the controller to do things like disable Steam VR overlay and hit windows key on the controller to refocus DCS and reenable the mouse. During the sessions the controller will disable and this occasionally problems with the windows tab focus. I will sometimes randomly get an "Out of Focus" text, then lose all control in DCS, then scramble to find the controller reactive it, hit the windows key twice to regain focus, which usually happens at inconveni
  6. Just finished Event 1, 1v1 and so far am really impressed by this campaign. The briefing materials are excellent and really well put together. The F-14 skins look really great and although fictional seem very plausible and look great as 1980s era Tomcats. The voice acting and script is as good or better than any other DLC campaign. Having Bio do the briefings during the transit portions of the flight is great way to keep the attention of the player and it feels like personal instruction from Bio. There is enough going on around the player that it really feels like an active airfield/operation
  7. In the F-14B, not sure if it is the same in the A, I have noticed if the CV/TOWER/MARSHALL frequency is set on the rear the radio (only and not duplicated up front), for example 127.5, and you utilize the "Tomcat Ball" - Keybind you will hear the radio call go out (Matt Wagner voice "Tomcat Ball...") but the LSO doesn't acknowledge it and you will get a (BC) in your landing grade.
  8. I noticed in Mission 3 the brief has the Stennis Freq as 225 but its actually set to 127.5. Probably the same for Mission 4.
  9. Only minor complaint is that it appears the MODEX's are all the same for the F-14 (101) and the F/A-18s seem only have "random" MODEX's not consistent with a CAW. I know it is nit picky and doesn't effect gameplay but other Freeware and Paid campaign's do better skin/MODEX assignments.
  10. I am playing on the latest Open Beta and it feels like there has been some tweaks to the enemy AI and missile performance that are driving the results I saw in Mission 3. I only ran it once so I guess I shouldn't draw too many conclusions. My Wingman was ordered to Engage - Bandits at about 25nm from the first group of Escort Mig-29s but he never actually got a missile away before being killed by a R-27ER. Thanks again and I will definitely give it another shot.
  11. Really have enjoyed this campaign so far and you can definitely tell a lot of work was put into it. Thank you for creating it. Some minor feedback. Mission 2. The armed speedboats are very difficult to lock with the AGM-65Fs. This is obviously not your fault but it does make the mission very frustrating. I created a quick mission with just the armed speed boats and a single hornet with AGM-65Fs and with multiple runs/practice I still found it nearly impossible to lock the AGM-65Fs. {erhaps a different load out might be better given the game limitations. Mis
  12. In Mission 14 on the run to the target there are a series on messages which I think are Mission Editor triggers that the player isn't necessarily supposed to see. A couple are: FL183 FLAK ON ~SA-15 ON ~SLEDGES INVISIBLE and a couple other ones. Not a huge deal but a little distracting and a little showing whats behind the curtain.
  13. jmarso, Thanks for your thoughts. I did a normal start so the radar was in Standby until I hit WP3. I might try the mission again keeping the radar off until the codeword, as you mentioned. Not sure if that what is triggering the scrub.
  14. I have question about Mission 14. I flew the mission and got about 40mins into it. When I reached WP4 we check in with the AWACS. The S-3 and other flights of F/A-18 climb to about 3000'. I climb to stay in formation past WP4 and then when we get the code word the mission is scrubbed. After WP4 is the player supposed to stay below 1000' AGL? When I climbed with the other formations did I hit the trigger to scrub the mission? Across the gulf I stayed at about 900' AGL right behind the S-3. Likewise in the brief, we energize our radars past WP3 to avoid maritime traffic? But he S-3 and o
  15. Having done this mission a number of times, I have gotten formed up before WP2 and the turn to WP3. For me it has gone, get close to Prince then "Press Space to tell him you saddled" and then a minute or two later you get another prompt where Flip reminds Price to change radios. Then Prince gives the instruction to turn and shortly after you get prompt to debrief Prince on his turn.
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