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  1. yep, maybe 2 months out still but unless your GFX fried it would be worth the wait.
  2. ^^^^ that's why I also think F-35 replacing the A-10 along with all other aircraft was just a marketing punch line to get funds for the program, one that the grunt on the ground would rather wish people would forget. There were a few commentators that said good thing F-35 came along when the F-117 was retiring, and that's not an accidental comment. It fills the same role when doing the AG missions, except that's it cures the absence of AA capability on the Nighthawk.
  3. Just buy the 3090, don't bother with a new CPU, you won't notice a difference if your playing at or above 1440P anyway. You're brave to buy a new GFX now. I tried, the prices exceed the investment i made for my whole build.
  4. That's their prediction based on current demand trends. I am optimistic because I believe the pattern of demand will change completely by later this year, or spring/summer 2022 changing those trends significantly. People are very anxious to leave their homes, travel and go to restaurants as soon as group immunity is reached. US and UK will be going to reach this stage by summer , Several countries in Europe as well by Q3 (vaccine supply are already ramping up significantly, so much so my government doesn't know how to apply all the jabs we are getting in coming weeks) They will stop
  5. My take on this, and ignoring all sensationalism on youtube, is that I always felt that there was a fighter gap below the F-35 on the USA and indeed many of European countries, and others in Asia. There is a strong demand for a lighter jet that can perform QRA, Intercept, dogfighting and lighter A-G tasks better and cost far less per hour. The Gripen now occupies that slot but it is the only option, and is a bit too light for some requirements, a slighter heavier plane that could be a true F-16 successor is perfectly viable complement type. If we ever see live images of planes
  6. I gave up upgrading, and rumours seem to support my early speculation that AMD /NVIDIA are already gearing up for next release exactly 1 year from now with much more powerful GPU's. Current GFX's are becoming too expensive for this short life span.
  7. Dont buy if the price is higher than 400$. It should be closer to 300. Also Im and getting more than 8GB usage in DCS at 1440P. Holiday season is a horrible time for new builds for both stock and price. The news about shortages have been quite frequent lately but I have been building since the 90's and I always had trouble at this time.
  8. This generation might be another short lived dud that's why they may be cancelled the "VRAM enriched" versions. I suspect this because NVIDIA got the inferior manufacturing process from SAMSUNG 8NM, very low availability and giving recent news that they have switched back to the same node AMD is using from TSMC so they may gearing up 4000 series next year already.
  9. They can put the radar code on separate core(s) rather than shove it into the GPU and kill the FPS. Also not everybody has ray tracing yet.
  10. If 6900XT's are good enough I might go with an EVGA Hybrid version of that when they come out (most triple fans wont fit im my case since I placed a radiator in push-pull config at the front). And by good I mean: -300W or less power consumption. - that will be equally fast across all resolutions not just 4K. -Don't care about ray tracing, prefer rasterization upgrade.
  11. Adored TV said there there would higher RMA with Ampere, but so far the news dont clarify if this a technical issue with the card, drivers or if this is reflection of people in denial not caring about power requirement increase if that brought them more performance while having subpar power supply.
  12. And trouble is starting for 3080 owners. https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-users-report-crashes-black-screens-during-gaming/ https://videocardz.com/newz/geforce-rtx-3080-sees-increasing-reports-of-crashes-in-games
  13. NVIDIA is learning from AMD, how to make their launches a trainwreck :D When the miners join the party the chaos will be complete :D
  14. Its not even out yet :D 3 more days in theory, but they will be all taken up quickly.
  15. Yeah Im half out now. Just waiting to see if AMD comes up with some decent rasterizing performance uplift. I dont give a rodents behind about ray tracing.
  16. And there's this. Im disappointed to know how Ampere wasn't meant to be as great as it technically could be just so few bucks could be saved. To compensate that NVIDIA just ramped up the marketing machine knowing people would be lining up to pre order even poorly built chips. tXb-8feWoOE
  17. yeah I tried to dissuade people away from it in these forums when it got launched but at some time I gave up because I was borderline bursting their bubbles so I stopped. w83UBXZVwDo
  18. I wouldn't touch these VRAM starved cards. There will be other models unveiled as soon as AMD drops theirs, or go for the later. We already know they will have more VRAM.
  19. NVIDIA got the short end of the stick regarding silicon suppliers because they got stuck with a crappy SAMSUNG 8nm node while AMD will be using the bleeding edge 7+. I have read numerous articles about 3080 VS Big navi (and some say there will be a biggest navi), and my best educated guess in that NVIDIA will win the absolute FPS number performance crown with ray tracing, but AMD will offer you something that trails close behind it, but with the least power consumption while giving you the most VRAM for lower prices. There's that. IF they trail 5%-10% behind with sane power consumptions
  20. We used to get same MSRP at launch as the previous generation. It seems to be over since the 2000 series.
  21. I was willing to buy a new GFX more or less twice as fast as my 3 year old 1080Ti for the same amount of money and incredibly this isn't it. I would only be able to buy a 3070 but it has less cuda cores and less VRAM. ooph Let's see what AMD brings later on the year.
  22. not sure if this was posted before but here it goes: MpfOIio1aSs NOTE: this is 360º video you pan at will using the arrows
  23. Interesting video just dropped on youtube. Figured out you guys would like to take a peek. :) rPWy-gYnQKM
  24. get faster RAM. I am running 32Ghz at 3600Mhz and I think I can do more if I figure out one way to prevent hot air from my GFX from reaching the RAM.
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