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  1. +1000 :D ive tried today the 5728 build version and i ve got again this issue with starforce http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/rc1/en/download-5728.htm
  2. But you promissed me this will be fix in 1.11 , and now you are telling me not before next year !!! if i understand lockon 1.1 is only for MP .... what guarante can i get to be sure the bug will be fix in 1.2 . so like im not playing in mp , for what can i use my cd of lockon 1.1 ?
  3. sorry my inglish is far from to be perfect but i wouldnt in this case talk about the save state when inside a mission but save the state that i passed the first mission or in other word save the state that next time the mission to do is the second . i ve already try to do by saving like you say , by pressing the save icon on the left debreif at the end of the first mission upon time succed , or save icon on breif at the start of second misson or again when i quit second mission press save icon , try too the =>file => save on the top left menu ... nothnig work .,at every time the f
  4. thank you for your help but it doesn't work . I stop trying for a moment . im fed up ... understand ... choosing a campaign , pass the first mission , start the second mission and try to save the state , quit interface , comme back to see if seconde mission have been erased or not ... it has been erased so retry with an other way to save state in a campaign etc etc and doing that on all campaign . ive even try to load the campaign file with "edit campaign" dont work too . im very sad :icon_hang .
  5. hello , could you give me (us ?) quickly a patch for my save state file issue in mission campaign . i've bought the cd on simware since several month now and i havent yet finished any campaign or try third mission of any campaign :( because the game reset all my state file and put me back at every time at the start of the first mission , and this happened in each campaign . For info this issue didn't exist in 1.02 and since 1.1 like today in 1.11 all campaign get this bug . thanks .
  6. Ok my hope with this patch have gone . The bug about save state file is again here . files of second mission in campaign disappear if i quit campaign , the game put me back at every time at the start of first mission . Really im deceived , it is the first time of my life i found a software wich not able to provide correct save state file :icon_evil about bug dont know if it is known or not but i give it . on keayboard and joy couple trim up-down is reverse with couple trim left-right :rolleyes: Best regards :icon_wink
  7. Hello , i ve just learn there is a new card ,the PPU card which manage physical interaction in game . i would like to know if in futur lockon (after 1.2 ) ED will plan to use API of this card ? thanks
  8. Hello , i've reinstalled lockon ( lockon1.0 => 1.02 => 1.1 (cd) ) and i ve got again this problem . I cannot save state file in campaign . It is working very well in quick mission , with edit mission , but not in campaign mission so sure the probleme come from the game . How can i fix that thank
  9. Just a little precision . ive installed FC on lockon1.0 and not on lockon1.2
  10. Hello dont work for me . ive already tried to save with this "save button "(on the left of the fly button ) in debriefing screen but it dont work . I've tried to save with save button during a mission , dont work too . It tell me "file couldn't be saved " .However it write a file but when after i try to open it , it tell me " unknown error " !!
  11. Hello , ive a probleme with save file in campaign . In "mig29a" i cannot load save file of second misson . At every time the game (if i escape game between ) put me back at the start of the first mission (lost soul) . So could you help me . i Would like to know if i suck or if there is a problem with that iv got the cd FC and not the downloable version . Thank im sure the question ive been already asked but i didnt find the answer :D
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