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  1. Aha So, to confirm, disabling master arm as well as returning gun to SAFE--will solve my pitch problems? Many thanks! I thought it was Bernoulli haunting me from the grave. ~Cheers, Moosh
  2. My question: Is this always supposed to cause a dip in altitude? Often I have dealt with it--but not always. It is the consistency specifically that I'm curious about. Cheers to all, Moosh
  3. I'm pretty familiar with use of the TAD. I'm wracking my brain (/search engine/google) to figure out the precise distinction between these two modifications to the TAD view. If anyone has a line on this I would appreciate a word or two. Many thanks, Moosh
  4. Great advice. I haven't given up hope--thanks to you gents.:thumbup: Using the Windows API--seems like a solution, but I'm totally illiterate in Visual Basic. After taking a look at PPJoy, I've opted for JoytoKey http://download.cnet.com/JoyToKey/3000-2094_4-75220348.html (For those who, down the road may be in my position with a 3d mouse). I'll try my hand at making this work and report back.
  5. Thank you for your resonse. It really shouldn't be this difficult to simply assign X and Y axes(sp?) axisses. I really appreciate the help.
  6. Coming back to A10c from years and years ago... (Trying, that is, to return to this sim...) Alienware 64 win 7 laptop here. Don't have room for a joystick. I'm having a terrible time figuring out this thing. It's a 3dconnexion Spacemouse Pro. --An amazing bit of hardware, but in my hands...it's beginning to feel like a waste of money. I can get it to be "recognized"--that is I see it in the top collumn of the controls configuration, but I don't see any way to assign axes to the thing. Does anyone have any suggestion or a place to go to find out about this thing? Many th
  7. Forgive the OT post, but...OMG... that video... Next time I get married...I'm instilling a mandatory contraception policy.
  8. :thumbup:THANKS FOR THE PATCH ED~! --and thanks for yet another reason for TYGER to come home in one piece.
  9. I find myself spending more time watching and re-watching Fish's and Tyger's(?) videos than I do in the sim and I'm grateful for them. I believe there is a difference between criticism and critique. The good intentions of a poster all-too-often can be lost on a reader according to writing style and myriad other things. All hearts are in the right place, chaps!--How nice it is to see that Fish understands this..! ...receiving the critique with gratitude and a cool head. Well, I mean...after all, he is Irish... :smartass::pilotfly: Cheers all, Moosh
  10. I posted months ago about a UFO over Georgia, with screenshots, and nobody listened.:cry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szwvjXo_sHQ
  11. Thanks for the info. I figured that all targets were welcome to a TAC Party. I wish I could manage targeting water borne targets in the sim. :( Cheers, Moosh
  12. Cheers All, I don't even know if it's possible in the editor... I was just curious if anyone has ever heard of such a thing as a JTAC targeting a parked (moored) or water borne target underway IRL or in the sim. Cheers, Moosh
  13. I just read this whole thread...understood very little...:( I think I'm going to go lie down.
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