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  1. Hey Everyone, I stand corrected. A gnarly and highly capable F/A-18 Hornet pilot, from the carrier break video on page 17 of this thread, responded to my question on his video that this is how he lands his Hornet on the carrier: "Throttle for angle of descent. Stick for airspeed." I think we can put this thread to rest now finally! Sorry for the contention and argumentation that I caused and I will make sure to practice doing this the correct way from now on. Thank you!
  2. I just posted a comment on the video asking the pilot himself. Let's see what he says.
  3. I don't understand. There's a video of a real hornet pilot modulating his real hornet's airspeed/AOA with his throttle on final approach to a real carrier and you state that my assessment is incorrect. You state that turbulence causes the VV to move around and the AOA bracket height represents a 2 knot variance. But, you make no mention of what the real hornet pilot is actually doing in the video. Like I said, this is inarguable. Just watch the video. You are not arguing with me, you are arguing with that real hornet pilot flying the real carrier operations in the video. That real hor
  4. Please look on page 17 of this thread at the video named "F/A-18F Carrier Break". That's a real hornet pilot, flying a real hornet, on a real carrier approach, to a real aircraft carrier using his throttle to control airspeed/AOA. It is unarguable and the pilot in that video nor I are trolling you. Simply watch his HUD in the left DDI while on final approach. He is at a steady 5 degrees of pitch. When his velocity vector starts going low on the bracket, he adds power. When the velocity vector starts going high on the bracket, he reduces power. He clearly is using his throttle to contr
  5. Guys, If you are flying a fast jet on approach with proper glide slope, altitude, and airspeed/AOA; your airspeed starts to drop off due to wind, drag, etc.; don't pitch your nose down to get your airspeed back... think about it. You'll plummet to the ground like a brick, still slow, and be in a far worse situation (just try it out in the sim and see what happens). Use your throttle to get your airspeed back in that scenario. In reality, you need to use whichever controls make sense at the moment. Generally, you always need to make a correction on both stick AND throttle to correct f
  6. Here's an amazing video: And another one by the same guy: The videos above are interesting in that although they are "amateur", they have a very professional feel to them.
  7. Yeah, it could definitely be with the CV2 if it takes some years to come out. Here's a really interesting read: http://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4123 It's Palmer Luckey's (the creator of Oculus Rift) first post on the MTBS3D forums. If you read through everything, you can experience how something like the Oculus Rift actually comes to life from the roots. He's basically looking for some kind of immersive 3D experience back in 2009. He's interested in either a 3D monitor setup or an HMD. People guide him in the right direction and he gets introduced to stereo 3
  8. You still have to lean in to see small text clearly. There is still a ways to go before we get to high-clarity resolutions (probably the CV3 or CV4).
  9. Every time I hop into the cockpit I am totally amazed even after a dozen flights. It just never gets old. Yeah, the resolution still needs to be greatly improved. I'm already excited to see what the next iteration produces. I wonder what kinds of tech they are working on.
  10. Yes, I have the OR running directly into the HDMI on my video card. I also have my monitor running into a DP2 on my video card through an HDMI to DP2 converter.
  11. I will never play on a screen again. I was able to successfully complete the A-10 Weapons Practice instant action mission yesterday without issue in the Oculus. Therefore, I should be able to handle any other missions including MP. The biggest "problem" with the Oculus is that the resolution still needs to go up a lot. There is still a general blurriness factor evident especially with distant objects. However, I believe we are at the threshold of what would be considered acceptable blurriness given the sense of immersion. This means that most people (probably 75%) can spend 100% of the
  12. Just jumped in with my original settings at high/medium. I saw the "jitter" that people are talking about (where the in-game frame rate doesn't match the 90 Hz refresh rate of the screens) but it was still insanely immersive for me. I went down to low settings and it removed some of the jitter but it was still present to some degree. I figured the reduction in jitter wasn't worth the reduction in visual fidelity so I put my settings back. I might try to do some performance tweaks later though.
  13. I just got my CV1 last night. I didn't want to wait 3-4 months to get one so I picked up a brand new one off of Craigslist for $900.00 (pretty good deal considering they can easily go for twice that on Ebay). Just had to drive 15 minutes down the street and done. Then I ran to Best Buy and got an Nvidia GTX 980 for $500.00 to go with it. I found the Craigslist post at 7:00 PM and was home by 8:00 PM with both the Rift and GTX 980 in hand. First off, I have to say that this thing is not some gimmick, fad, novelty, etc. I've been literally blown away from the first moment turning it on u
  14. New Video Hey Guys, Here's a pretty neat video that shows what allBST is all about. Please check it out and let me know what you think:
  15. Sure, but I think allBST offers some major advantages over the current HW section: 1. Seamless one-click buys using PayPal. 2. Group creators get 2.5% of all sales within their group; instantly transferred to their own PayPal account. 3. Integrated shipping tracking and product returns backed up by PayPal. 4. Frictionless onboarding with Facebook sign up and login. 5. Easy group and product promotion with integrated Facebook sharing. 6. Private message sellers and comment on their offerings. 7. Visually browse with pleasure on desktop as well as mobile devices. 8. Comprehensive accou
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