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  1. So the Su-30 really was the Su-27 but double-seat ? If it was being developed then it must have something new, what is it ?
  2. If I could ask only one question, it would be: Does the Kutznetsov even carry some A2G ordenance for their Su-33s ? I think that if someone could answer that question we would know if the Su-33 was intenden for some emergency A2G mission or if it was not intended to fulfill that task at all. Sorry if this has already been answered, I try to read all posts :)
  3. Maybe I´m the only one surprised by this statement, I thought that the west hadn´t looked at the Su-27 more than in photographs or airshows. Or at least, nothing they would publically admit. Never heared of it. Still its weird. Is your source secure? The source is your source. Look under customers, it´s the last line.
  4. Anyone knew about this ??? Maybe I´m the only one surprised by this statement, I thought that the west hadn´t looked at the Su-27 more than in photographs or airshows. Or at least, nothing they would publically admit.
  5. I think this is different, you will see the card on the shelves at the end of the year. Even if this card doesn´t hit it, I´m sure another will pop up, some competiton must be already developing a similar type of chip.There are some major investors in this and the Unreal Engine 3 is using this technology. Plus the chip already saw action on an expo, I don´t remember which. Defenetly we won´t see on 1.2, I´m talking about the LO:MAC succesor. To me the possibilities that this card doesn´t hit the shelves are slim and none.
  6. Not off the programmers, but off the CPU... :D Wouldn´t it be from both ? It seems to me that there has to be some standarized dev tool to use the PPU. It should take some workload off since the PPU should do automatically some kind of math operations (perhaps differentation or integration as GGTharos said) since that`s what it is there for, and that´s what it was designed for (physics specific calculus). Otherwise it would be like another CPU. I´m just guessing since you are the dev.
  7. Who would have known that the answer is just on it´s way ? Take a look at this: http://forum.lockon.ru/viewtopic.php?p=47586#47586
  8. Terrific Idea !!! If we have a Processing Unit for Graphics, why not for the growing factor of realistic physics ?. Takes workload off the programmers :)
  9. Let´s wait for the final version of 1.1, MAYBE that performance is caused by somekind of other problem that has already been fixed. If the final turns out to be that way, then ED will hear some complaints.
  10. a hundred percent agree. Marketing stuff is always optimistic, otherwise it wouldn´t sell, and that´s the whole purpose of marketing anyway. I was considering the opinion of the pilot buddy of ruggbut and I thought: How many 120s would a real pilot have seen fired in it´s career ?, probably against drones. Maybe he saw like 5 120s fired and they all hit (assuming he didn´t fire against a real life maneuvering target that are on extinction nowadays). So he said this "real life" hits plus all the papers from the Airforce that say it´s a killer missile, then it must really be a killer missile.
  11. I agree with you, the 120 can be defeated. But how would you make the 120 better, tell us that, not that the 120 doesn´t hit enough times or that it isn´t invincible. Tell us you identified the problem with the missile and are asking for it to be fixed. Do a track or something. At least tell us the parameters, because telling that you just pulled the trigger doesn´t help. You could tell us what did you say to your pilot buddy that made him state that the 120 modeled in the game isn´t even a match for the A version. Just, don´t get mad.
  12. (Before we start, all of this assuming you have the missile efficiency slider in the ACE position) Of course two aircraft can merge, but the possibilities are getting slimmer and slimmier with technology and SA. When I said no missile in the air I was assuming your long range shots had failed, and you were planning to fire another as he was pointing at you. Or another assumption, you were fighting another A/C and when you finish with it you realize that there is an F-15 in the neighborhood. Or perhaps the F-15 was flying low and you´ve just found it. There are tons of situations I can th
  13. Not if you use right. Beaming for me, is only useful for breaking SARH locks in terminal phase. Look at the way the AI employs it, it seems to have a sixth sense for knowing when the SARH missile is aboput to hit. When it´s about to hit they beam, break the lock, trash the missile. They get back and shoot you ARH missile :evil: . If you use the technic I said of looking up with you radar then you can´t be notched, but be aware that you end up in a bad position if there are more enemy fighters. I have a story when I was a young F4 pilot. Two Mig-25s notched me then fly straight towards me,
  14. Yeah, Hard meneuvering is the way to go, but it doesn´t always work, you have to bear in mind you assume you know where the missile is by the F-15s radar emission power, but what if he turned away because he saw that big big smoke the R-27ET left, instead you didn´t see no smoke from his 120, it´s pretty tough to gain a tally on the missile without padlock. Also it is that Hard maneuver or nothing, if you didn´t time it right, you are toast. I guess you dont quite understand what I mean. The SPO-15 will always show you where the missile is because it has its own radar, and what the F-15 is
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