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  1. Roger, thank you I'll try the file edit.
  2. Can we get the min volume lowered on the RWR switch? At min it's still so loud it's all I can hear when I'm getting spiked.
  3. You can check the real manual with your weight, temp and baro to see if that’s accurate and see if that’s realistic. Off the cuff I’d said that even at high temperatures you shouldn’t need water to VL at that weight. I can’t link the real chart here but if you DM me I can give you a link if you can’t find it.
  4. As I said in the above comment, the hover settings to power required at a specific weight is accurate. However, then transitioning from forward flight somethings off. Coming in with an empty jet and 2k fuel and you’ll need water and a high rpm% to maintain a hover. In the included campaign you can’t land back at the boat empty with 3k fuel. You will just keep your sink rate right into the water at full throttle with water injection. I think that the transition from forward flight needs to be looked at. I’ve flown the av8b since release and even being overtly gradual with the transition phase doesn’t make a difference in the way that you need an exorbitant amount of thrust all the way to the ground.
  5. I can also confirm this. When using the TDC axis it's not a problem, using the key binds it keeps slewing when released
  6. Going off the real AV-8B manuals hover check charts "Figure 10-4. Engine RPM Required to Hover, F402--RR--408 Engine" the thrust seems accurate as far as the hover thrust to weight requirements. Still investigating the airspeed at altitude changes.
  7. Roger, I'm glad you guys were able to implement my suggestion (rolling at idle) from the AV8B manual. thanks
  8. I'm getting a response from the ground crew, they're just "unable to comply."
  9. May be MP only as I haven't tried it in SP. only get "unable to comply" unless engine is shut down.
  10. I agree, flew about an hour and a half on MP. Maintained lock with all the engagements with both STT as well as TWS. Fired 8 54's and no hits, none even attempted. As you said they will guide to the target then within visual range (missile to target) they just go dumb and fly straight. These engagements were between 40-25 miles while at between 25k-35k. Tried both the A and C versions. Only a few of the targets were evading, most of the time the missiles just sail over the targets by a 1000-2000 feet without even turning hot.
  11. Would be handy to be able to make a markpoint in the F-10 map and have it shown in the cockpit for reference. If you wanna be fancy you could have it written in grease pencil on the canopy like they do IRL. I know you can use the TAD but would be easier (and more realistic) to have a editatible kneeboard map that you could write on. I'm using the scratchpad mod which works ok, but you have to enter things twice and it's only good for coords.
  12. Were you by chance using the HTS mode on the TPOD? There is a game crashing bug that's under resolved bugs currently not fixed, that sends you straight to desktop when you're using HTS mode.
  13. Bump. Is this just not going to be worked on, or acknowledged?
  14. Dropping GBU-38/54 whilst using HTS is still causing CTD after todays patch. LOG Since I can't respond to your post in this section, People trying to use HTS are gonna submit bug reports when it causes CTD. Having this 'unresolved' bug in the bug section would save you from duplicate posts. This is a slippery slope posting active bugs in the resolved section, thats what the MO of the last Community manager was with UNRESOLVED bugs and it didn't go well.
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