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  1. Just pushed button on UK HP Reverb, has to be done at this price.
  2. If you turn on the Performance HUD via the debug tool do you see good numbers and no lost frames ?
  3. You need to set the rift account to accept 3rd party games
  4. Performnce HUD Just started usig CV1 could someone post the figures they see when the debug tool performance HUD is displayed in game, I currently run a i7 950 @4.00 with a 970. I'm currently seeing some high latency number and dropped frames. Would really like to see some number from people running i5 6600K on 970 or above.
  5. Missing Hawk Have you seen my post Missing Hawk post Seems a similar issue do you have any old Hawk Folders if so maybe try removing them first. Then try a repair.
  6. Same Rotation light stays ON, Hotas Warthog plus Saitek pedals.
  7. Rotation Lght Versions Same issue Rotation light stays illuminated during Autostart and manual start During the script I do get the message *** warning set Thrust to idle ****
  8. Rotation Lght Did you find a solution to rotation light staying on when using auto-start, I'm experiencing this in both Auto-start and manual, Hotas Warthog Throttle and stick.
  9. Missing Hawk post Fixed Simple running the Hawk Install command line did not resolve the issue. I next removed the all the Hawk folders and saved game folder. Reran Repair Open Alpha, this time Hawk was downloaded correctly All good to go. Will continue enjoying HAWK EFM over the weekend Thankyou for your quick support
  10. STATUS: Successfully updated to I took the option to repair that forced the update to
  11. Successfully updated to no sign of my Hawk. Missing from both my Installed modules and available modules to buy No longer in Instant Action Anyone else having this issue. I did apply the CTD test zip files during the week.
  12. Hi I purchased Product: DCS:Hawk Beta (EFM) Pre-Sale 20% Discount back in November. I have the 1.2.15 Hawk currently installed in DCS World 1.2.15 1) Is this still the SFM version. 2) Will I be able to Download and run a BETA EFM HAWK before the offical EFM release if I run DCSWORLD Beta
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