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  1. It works fine! Thanks a lot! And I didn't used JSGME funally couse I manually made a copy of the original "default.lua" and changed its name, and later copied the new .lua to that folder. Thanks.
  2. Hi Since last update, my Track IR doesn't work in World 2.0. I have Nevada installed. It works fine in World 1.5 (updated too), and the other simulators I have. I use Track IR 4, with 5.4.2 software and the Game List updated in it. Windows 7, 10gb Ram, i7, Warthog HOTAS, Saitek rudders. There is someone with same problem? Thanks.
  3. Will be great to can set more than one US carrier per mission. Actually the United States Third Fleet has: USS Nimitz (CVN-68 ) USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) And if Kanchatka-Aleutians is choosen, will be awesome too to have chinesse navy ships available
  4. The problem of choice one theater or another is think in both sides, red and blue. The makers have to think in a theatre that can be useful for most of the planes we can fly, choppers, Combined Arms .. and all they know is coming, public or not public yet. So, both carriers have to be set , thats easy. But for the other who want to fly Mig-21, or Mi-8, or A-10 ... At least have to be a logic airbase in each side. But, that depends of the time they have to build it. Dense populate areas like georgia, compared to Iceland, take more time even if it is smaller, I think. Kamchatka is empty of r
  5. Sounds good. We need in a next newsletter to know which will be the final theatre they will build...
  6. ... and last three I prefer theatres 1 and 6 And both are easily to model. Lot of sea and few land. Iceland is big ... but few towns and no very bigs Last Theatre is about 2300 km wide. High ... that depends of makers. This is enough for a long fly time mission of su27 escorting Tu22M in antiship strike while some Bear are searching the US fleet that have departed from Alaskan coast few days ago, and is protected by long range CAP F14, and by other hand a few F-15C flights taking off from Attu and Shemya islands searching too the soviet fleet in the ocean.. Posibilities for missions, c
  7. Those are the options I can imagine right now See the pics ...
  8. Or just Black Sea in winter ... :D :D
  9. I think Kamchatka and a big oceanic area in front of it with Aleutians will be perfect. In the images we can see what can found in Petropavlovsk for example (pic 1). It has a big port with many warships, and some airbases plenty or mig 25 and su27 and A50 and Tu-22 I have seen in google maps, etc etc. Is perfect to F14 and for F18 when they will arrive to us. We have a lor of water, enough land for ground attacks, and a lot ot islands to hide ships, subs, paratroopers, sams, instalations .... with airbases, at least 2 I founded. I think that the theatre must be like pic MAP. Enough sea
  10. Así es. Estaremos atentos con lo que viene y qué posibilidades nos da...
  11. Hola Mazinger. Si, tenía todo planificado pero por A o por B o por DCS :D pues meterme a hacer campañas para que a las 2 semanas ya no funcionen .... A ver si en un tiempo futuro no tan cercano que la cosa se estabilice con World2 empezaré con algo más pequeño para ver si me da tiempo a acabarlo antes que ED saque un nuevo update ...
  12. Wow, yesterday I converted too that campaign to A-10C :D My DCS installation is in Spanish. The original campaign is in: mods>aircraft>FC3>missions>campaigns>ES so you can insert the new campaign there, or in: mods>aircraft>A-10C>missions>campaigns>ES couse now is an A-10C campaign, not FC3 anymore. Then do it with Winz campaign and it will appear correctly in the campaigns list of your choice.
  13. Pues en otro post ya dije que se congelaba el proyecto. Falta de tiempo y continuos cambios en DCS. Antes era por la 1.2.7, pero ahora es por la 1.2.8 que traerá otros tantos, así que hacer tropecientas misiones para que ya ni una valgan al poco tiempo de sacarlas... pues desanima. Otra cosa que sí podría hacer es ir preparando cosas básicas de las misiones como rutas, elementos aéreos y terrestres que no necesitan una programación complicada en sí para hacer su función (ej. un pelotón de tanques custodiando un pueblo en posiciones defensivas). Pero ahora no tengo demasiado tiempo para hac
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