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  1. Im sorry, i could not reach D-scythe there, but im still trying. Anyway, do someone know: 1.Can i tell the prog. from how far do it use the smaller mipmap? 2.Can i make the smaller mipmap bigger? 3.Can i just delete the mipmaps to use the bigest one every time. Thx
  2. Sorry for my asking, i'd need some info about textures. 1.There is a dds file with resolution of 2048x512. I want to enlarge this file. Lets suppose i ve done the 4096x1024 file, is there any way to replace the original with it? 2.It contains 2 MipMap (one 1024x512 and 512x256). I want to edit the largest one and want all the Mipmaps to look like it. May i use the "Generate Mipmaps" in the image editor? Is it so easy to make all MMs the same? Thank you in advance!
  3. I really want to join, but how can i if im on an other irc server? i dont want to change. thx
  4. Im not a fan of the F-18, except that naval mp would be more than cool! But please tell me, why would be so hard to develop F-18? Why would it require a new engine? Im not asking why would it be harder than Ka-50, its simple.
  5. I could like the KA-50 very much, it would be unprecedented that we can fly fixed wing planes and a helo at one time. But i admit, that it wouldnt attract as many player as an F/A-18 addon would. I could dream with KA-50 in the single player as a brand new feeling. But i want much more bigger multiplayer gaming community for this game and F/A-18 could be the key. As for new improvements: without dedicated server, improved mission editor F/A-18 worth nothing. Not to mention the difficulties of the distribution in the US.
  6. How did you get the smoke on in the demo? I'va also modded it, but i should know which weapon do i have to give to the Su-27 to have smoke. R-73U? With 1.02 mission edito? Thx
  7. Could someone help me, from where can i download the original Su-27 campaig with low scene.
  8. Making a failed HUD in SP or in MP is very easy, you put it 100% from 00:00 and its OK, as far as there is only one plane.
  9. Kuze bug: we've experienced in an online mission of su33s. After changing direction of the Kuze you cant land on it. As if only the texture was turning, we couldnt land on it anymore. As for random failures: Of course there is the option to turn it off (by default), so who dont want to use them dont have to. But i would like to, and i can set the failures to random, everything is fine, except that every player plane gets the failure at once :( It would have been so easy for ED to implement this to player planes separately. Its just stupid like the friendly fire bug :(
  10. Hi! I was just thinking why cant we use plane faiulres in mp? Would it be so hard to implement failures to every player separately? It's quite strange, that every player plane has e.g. an engine fire at once! Do you have any info about it in 1.1? I hope it wont be left untouched. Will be other bugs fixed:? - Unstable track recording - Kuze bug in mp (when it turns away below you) Anyway i hope very much from 1.1, and cant wait for it!
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