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  1. His RWR will pick your radar emissions disregarding your bearing from him. (Unless he is banking and his RWR receiver antenas are masked) If you mean if his radar can detect you when you are at his 6, no he won't. (Unless it is an awacs) STT is a different alert, and also there is another different alert for Missile Lauches
  2. I'm having problems retracting the refueling probe on the Su33 with the latest update. I'm don't know it this is the real Su33 behavior or if it is a bug. After completing the refuel and disconnecting from the tanker, pressing Ctrl+R only disconnects the new RF autopilot. Te probe doesn't retract inmediatly. It will retract however after a bit of flying around, several minutes afterwards, haven't timed it. Anyone else is having the same problem?
  3. It's a good read, not so much about the harrier caracteristics but about what was like flying CAS missions over Afganistán, and how mentaly taxing the situation was. Also, it was interesting to read about the effect the high altitude of the terrain in Afg. has on the jets, due to the air's lower density and the temperature. It is something that at least myself haven't got into consideration. I'm looking forward to flying the harrier
  4. Well, I've just finished it and I really enjoyed it. It has a good storyline, a good gradual difficulty increase and a credible air environment. It is not a difficult campaign, but it is very good to understand the combat potential of the Mirage and its weak points. Excelent job baltic, looking forward to the eagle's and hog campaings. day one buyer. :pilotfly:
  5. You do actually to change focus in your eyes with the rift. Physically the images are projected on a couple of screen at a predetermined distance and headset lenses makes it look like they are a bit farther. That is truth, there is no physical change in focus distance on the image. It is an optic trick, and it has to do with the way the images are rendered, and there is no physical change in focus distance, but it doesnt matters, by tricking the brain using different images and with the optics, the effect is just the one intended. You have to change focus your eyes. This is very noticiable on landing, for instance in the F5. You either focus on the runway or in the dashboard. You can't see both in focus. At least with a normal vision The focus distance is smaller than IRL, but it is there, and by being closer than irl the depht of field is narrower.
  6. Yea, the rift changed the whole A/A refueling for me in all platforms, specially on the F15. It makes holding the right position much easier due to the depth perception. I think the problem you might have is that you are fighting the SAS, that works a bit different than the one in the gazelle. Also being that fatty doesn't help either. It happened to me when I transitioned from the Ka50 and UH1 to it. For me the key for stable flight is heading hold AP, and then using the rudders to command a turn. That disconnects the H-HLD until you center the pedals again and locks in the new heading. Works flawlessly. Also, decelerating requires a lot of distance, takes time to get used to it. As a pilot with RL experience in the gazelle, is that nimble in RL? I mean, it almost predicts where I want to turn before I complete the control inputs, lol. I though about reducing the curves on the controls, but if thats how the real thing flies, i wont touch them Also, AP on the huey? That's cheating lol I dont think you will have enough clearing to wear the glasses and then straping the rift on. If they make contact, you might damage the rift and your lenses... That VR lenses you posted looks like a good solution for me. I'm not sure about how they will behave with brigh lights, Oculus suffers what they call "god's rays" a kind of lens flare due to how they are built. Judging what they said in the web page, that should not be a problem, but who knows without trying them before.
  7. Make sure you dont have your trackIR Z axis mapped to the zoom view.
  8. :) yea, I know that feeling ... I need my daily fix of flying since I got it
  9. use numpad key 5 to align your position with the body. it depends on the aircraft.. fc3 planes head is shifted forward. welcome to the club
  10. I dont think the chandelle as a common combat manouver .. you will be a sitting duck once you roll your wings level. Also, I don't recall reading anywere that it was a prohibited manouver for the spid though. Snap-rolls where not allowed, but chandelles ... Will try doing a chandelle with it when I arrive home, but you shouldn't be stalling the plane on a chandelle ... How much boost and RPMs are "half throttle" (to have a reference point)?
  11. Yea, I'm looking forward to this campaign too. I consider myself "seasoned" on the A10C, but it's been a while since I don't fly it seriusly and now I expend most of my time in other modules. I'm sure I've forgoten a lot of things about, let call it, "the proper way to do things on the hog". I think If the campaign follows a similar rythm as the M2K one, it will be on the proper balance of topics discused vs flight time expended. Also the hog being slower allows for more content included on each misión.
  12. If you are using your computer only for DCS (+ other games), surfing internet and MSOffice, then yea, its a no brainer: grab the i5 and save some bucks. DCS will not use all the cores of the processor, so you won't notice a big difference between an i5 and an i7 at similar speeds (Cache, and temp throttling are usually better on i7) On multicore optimized games, i7 will perform better *Edit: also, DCS depends more on CPU than on GPU, it does not use the GFX to their max capabilities, so there is a level where a better GFX wont make a lot of difference in this game. If you are planning to use it for other applications ... Video editing, Programing, Image editing, 3d design, MathLabs, complex calculations... or you tend to have a lot of apps running at the same time, i7 is the answer. It depends how much you value your time ... a 10% difference in a process that takes hours to complete, its a lot of difference. Compressing videos for instance, compiling huge applications (as a developer). In those cases, for me the answer is yes. For gaming only, I'm not sure...
  13. You go to the runway header where the 30 is painted. You will take-off on heading 300. Edit: The same applies on landing, when ATC vectors you to runway 30, you will land in that heading. 300.
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