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  1. Thanks, Just took a peek at the Viper threat-tables, and they have less rows. It's missing the ones that are in the tables by default, is it on purpose? EDIT:: Also the order of items is different! You're making it hard on yourself to keep things up-to-date, man!
  2. GREAT work on the lamp of the Finnish Hornet! Thanks! You could work with Kapsu to correct the colors and the weathering of the Finnish skin. Maybe share him the PSD-files? Since, well, it seems you approriated some of his work in this one?
  3. "SAM Simulator" in DCS would be a dream come true for a few/many!!!
  4. Yes I tried restarting - didn't try other servers.
  5. Installed v6 of the Smoke Mod. Connected to Blue Flag Syria. Sitting in the "lobby" I had no problems. When I selected a hornet slot, it kicked me out with a "A Pure Client Required" message or something.
  6. I'm guessing zoomed/up-scaled text on 4K screen?
  7. Here's a list of the Warnings and whatnots: http://vbf12.proboards.com/thread/2703/dcs-18-emergency-day But.. it seems to be lacking the P/INS and HEAT advisories..
  8. Yeah, if you currently select NAV and IFA immediately/right after starting the GND (or any time before the CV/GND ALIGN is completed) the system isn't aligned, and (needs to start) starts the IFA from scratch. Just wait the 90 seconds.. It runs by quickly if you input a few aypoints manually and configure e.g some ground munitions. Then when the HSI says "0,5" and "OK" you switch to NAV and then IFA right after. IMHO Currently, in game, the STORED HEADING doesn't "drift" more. It just aligns the system faster, since the position and heading of the aircraft are known at start.
  9. Rapier and HAWK are in H1, HQ-7 is not in any Class currently.
  10. Track attached: HARM-TOO-Classes.trk (game version ) Issues: SA-2 not included H1 HQ-7 not in either H1 or H2 EDIT: not in track, but if you shoot the HQ-7 Search radar, and the launchers must use their radars individually, they show up as "7", and it's not in any Class either.
  11. Just ran to this... I'll record a track and upload it with "all" (or at least most..) of the SAM systems. SA-2 is still missing from the H1 -class.
  12. Get ground crew to connect ground power, and boot that up before you shutdown the engines and request repairs. It'll keep your data most likely. I guess the in-game stored heading option is a "magic" workaround. As such, we have no way of storing the heading for next start-up. Not sure how it should be done, is it automatically saved when shutting down or how...
  13. I tried this today, on HIGH altitude even with SEEK LARGE the Harpoon would overfly the ships every time on my end. LOW altitude worked. Still, it would target tankers always, even with the Grisha on point. I had a ship group of 1 Grisha + 3 tankes, first from side: Harpoon always targeted the last tanker. Same results with ~45 degree angle. When attacked from headon, with the Grisha on point, the harpoon wouldn't target the grisha, but the second ship in line - a tanker. Always.
  14. I mean, we're asking for _the option_ to tune the wave size independently. It is not by means wanted as a forced feature for everyone to set. Why... what... err.. It doesn't take anything away from you.
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