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  1. This is one of those clips that transcends flight sims. Thanks for the humor it is refreshing these days.
  2. I don't think the issue is with the F4/Lomac comparison as much as the folks who make the comparison. At some point folks get tired of defending their preferences. Those who prefer one over the other are either labeled as "fanboys", button pushers, or even as far as arcaders. We all have our prefrences for many reasons.
  3. We royal supporters had access to it months ago....lol if most of you guys moaned this much about the waste of money by your government then we might get somewhere. I dont get pissed when i see the graphics card I payed premium for months ago is now worth half the price. Someone has to walk out of the store the day before a price drop.
  4. Colt you brought in the Falcon and LP comparison. I went on the tangent because you made it seem as cut and dry as LP approach equals thumbs up. I only wanted to point out that there is more mud and drama in that release than with this.
  5. You said someone just getting into Lock on, so I assumed you meant a new buyer.
  6. Most stores will pull the original and sell the gold. Most folks will opt for the gold if given the choice.
  7. I bought my version long time ago and was not lied to. I'm not a queen but I do perfer the royal treatment and yes I am a flight simmer :P. Don't get so worked up over this. I have to ask Hawg, do you have 1.1? If not then go the download route as it seems cheaper.
  8. I also said the most sought mods. How about the dds support, missle effects, fly any plane etc. So I guess much of what was added in the past only centerd on bug issues and realism features? Install the orginal falcon and add only the data edits. Forget the newer models, skins, textures , effects etc. Will you still play it? Maybe you will I dont know nor do I care, and I certainly dont want to make this into a F4 vs Lomac nor do I think it is all about graphics. However, seeing the lomac bashing all the time gets old. What is the saying, "sinners are the first to cast stones at saint
  9. I don't think I had the wool pulled over my eyes, read my post again. I was flying in the new stuff months before this Gold version came out. Now that folks know the differnce they can make the choice of which to purchase. Communication breakdown is always the same :) .
  10. What has always gotten me about Falcon folks and the claim about it "not being about graphics" is that most of the mods in the past have centerd on this. The biggest and highly sought mods in the past were hi resolution terrians, pits, weather, models etc. I enjoy both, but I do not enjoy F4 multiplayer. I have not experienced the "smooth as glass" experience folks tout. Don't get me wrong Falcon is great but once the honeymoon is over you will see many more complaints and issues. LP is a new business so they have much to prove. Colt40Five, no offense but I just don't understand the
  11. Since when are we entitled to the inner business workings of ED? BTW if I had known LP version of Falcon was what it was I would have saved my purchase. Under your reasoning ED can release Lomac 1.0 in ten years then sit back and answer questions...yes it is that simple. The falcon code is barely LP's. All you want to do is stir shit.
  12. Having recently made the switch from a 9700pro to a 6800gt, I can say without a doubt that I am well...umm...not impressed. If I was'nt so lazy I would take the thing back. Be prepared for crap drivers and endless web searches on texture shimmering, when and when to not use AF, mipmaps...blah blah. Just my opinion but dont expect the world. If you find yourself playing more flight sims then look into the best processer/memory you can afford. The GF6 series is certainly not leaps ahead of its competition....maybe a skip but not a leap.
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